Friday, September 3, 2010

1 Malaysia

Now i dont know if you all notice but the whole racism issue is escalating in Malaysia. The whole principle calling everyone else a PENDATANG or PENUMPANG and the beating of the chinese doods on National Day yes NATIONAL DAY...yet the country still urges us to be patriotic... TRIES their best to make a big fuss about the 31st of August but in all truth they only appreciate the public holiday it offers haha...and i speak for myself to. I TRIED to be patriotic about it but really mmm just not feeling it man...

The whole idea of 1 Malaysia is a noble idea i must say...yes i appreciate the effort of trying to bridge the gap between the races but really coming out with KEMPEN after KEMPEN is not going to help and if its anything it just provides the stand up comedians n critics a whole load of ammunition...we really dont mean to laugh at it but when such KEMPENs come out a whole load of crap from respective organizations come out too...haha its like a well choreographed dance.

I can go on n on about how unfair things have been, i can go on n on about how we can use history to show that even the POLITICALLY claimed original people are not original...but what i really want to talk about is WHY are WE being ATTACKED by these be honest this simple mind of mine cannot come up with any answers....i read this article and it has shed a little light on the issue

and the follow up

now the side i'm takin is NO not the side of TRUTH really truth? in this doggy dog eat world nahh...i'm taking the side of LOGIC and COMMON SENSE no not 5 cents or the 6th sense just plain simple common sense. There are what Nurul puts it as progressive malays who are trying to break out n speak their mind...but then there are those who constantly use the same words n tactic to silence them...for CONTOH:

"Blood Traitor"
"No respect for the malay rights"
"dishouring the king"

and many many more slurs that they just throw at them....Am i

Trying to start a fight? No i'm not

Then whats the purpose of this post...well i just wanted to speak a little of my mind not too much just a little cause i dont wan to end up in a detention centre too haha...agree with me or disagree with me tell me about i cant give cause i'm no where near to being a politician but as a young adult (aiyer feel so weird calling myself that) I think i can play my part by ignoring the nonsensical slurs that they throw at me and just stay n support those who think with their brains...because as much as EVERYONE knows what they say is NOT TRUE and throwing facts back at them will not help WHY??? well simply cause some ppl are born with half a brain and they only wan to use 1/4 of it....hahaha i'm just kidding well its cause they just are simply INSECURE yes INSECURE...insecurity KILLS....period...insecurity leaves them susceptible to the so called 'brain washing' propagandas that are being spread like a disease only problem is there is no cure for this disease....YET...

Malaysia is a lovely place...i've traveled to many countries before and as screwed up as things can be here I still prefer to come back haha...I also believe that if Malaysia can pull thru...we will definitely be a SHINNING example of how so many races can co exist which in turn i HOPE can stop racism all together...We've sang songs about RACISM, we've played Football to try n stop RACISM, we've painted pictures, heard talks, heard stories from kids, done pledges, joined looks like everything is been done to stop or at least REDUCE it but nothing seems to be working on the long run...another million dollar question WHY?

we need a whole lot more love not just here but EVERYWHERE, but if we cannot spread the love here first why even bother going else where....So stop hating...if u've been patience keep it up it'll do you good...if u've not give it a shot....but always do stand up for urself in anyway you can...peace ya'll...yEEEHHAaaaaa!!!

oh and also go watch this...=)