Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Premier of Whiteout

DISCLAIMER: I know i said in previous post that this was suppose to be Hennessy Artistry but that will have to wait a while longer hahaha

So it was the 13th of Oct, some were a bit taboo about the number 13 but to me its just another number. Poor 13 somehow along the way in history got associated with BAD LUCK. I think it all started with the whole Salem Witch Trial thing which i dont know much about...anywhoooooooooo Kristine so kind heatedly invited me to the premier of Whiteout.

I'm just going to roughly summarize the movie in my own words...don't worry I wont give out any spoilers hahaha....Basically the movie is a Suspense/Thriller movie about mankind's greed which eventually cause havoc in Antarctica where the movie is set. Whiteout is a phenomenon whereby the weather gets so bad that winds can reach up to 100 mph and you can not see more than 6 inches in front of you. So the movie is about a group of geologist who were out on their expedition searching for meteorites until 1 day they stumbled upon something very precious. The story slowly unfolds itself with flashbacks and a twist or two. Carrie Stetko(Kate Beckinsale) plays a U.S Marshall who is determined to hunt down the murderer and solve the mystery involved as the team of geologist dies 1 by 1....i personally like movies like this where I cant guess the endings. During the movie you are bound to feel SUSPENSE haha and the element of suspense is not disappointing at all and will most definitely bring you to the edge of your sits. The twist in the movie is relatively good BUT the movie is quite short. I however enjoyed it and would recommend you to watch it despite the length of the movie. It is rated 18 PL...i think...but there really isn't much unless the good Malaysian Board of Censorship CENSORED off all the good parts hahaha...there is a certain extend of Goriness in the movie but if you managed to survive Final Destination 4 then this would be a stroll in the park for you. The movie will be premiering in Cinemas this Thursday i think which is the 15th of Oct so go watch it....The movie's cast includes KATE BECKINSALE (love her) Shawn Doyle and Nicolas Wright.


Here is the trailer, feast your eyes on this!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Anger Management

As the title suggest this post is going to get hot hot hot...hahaha i've never had a post like this so here goes...i'll try to be as gentle as possible for the benefit of everyone.

The one thing that ticks me off...that i have really REALLY low tolerance towards is when ppl change because of POWER. I'm really damn effing annoyed with bone heads like this. After taking a long break from IT I finally decided to go bak and Sunday marked the first day of my so called return. I never expected anything knowing things has been getting from bad to worst until a few stepped bak in to try n salvage whatever is left of IT. Then seeing them bak there i thought to myself hey maybe it wouldn't be thaaaatttt bad after all la. I was in for a surprise la...the dungu of a person cannot even greet ppl with a simple HI also. *argue* But Mark she stress la chill la give her some time and space...if thats the case right I want to go around being an asshole and justify myself by saying i'm going through a bad patch la. =.= ... cannot right? i mean wtf like everybody else got no issues in their life la either way it is not an excuse to treat ppl badly. So ok fine i'll be the understanding one and give her the benefit of the doubt la huh.

During practice we were running through a song and it had to be stopped so that the musicians could be TOLD what to that SERIOUSLY ticks me off...We are not Malaysian Philharmonic orchestra or a PERFORMING why scrutinize the way the musicians play..What happen to spontainity and sparks of inspiration...I felt like I was at work being PUSHED around by a boss whos nose has been arched SOOOO high that he cant even see his own 2 feet. Things were just really PATHETIC...yes i miss the good ole times we we used to have fun being together glorifying HIM n not OURSELVES...I dont like to just sit down and complain and then do nothing about it but now i'm gettin my arse up and TRYING to do something about it and yet all I see is EGO and INSECURITY....FLAWS that OTHERS have to suffer that is just plain ridiculous la...its been at least 2 months i've been bearing with beats that are just saddening... 1 BY 1 THEY FALL BECAUSE OF POWER AND THE TUNE THAT IS PLAYING IS THE SAME OLD the movie spider man Uncle Ben said to Peter...with great POWER comes great RESPONSIBILITY. Only thing i see is the responsibility of keeping me myself and I above the rest regardless of what I do...

In Your Attempts to Make Things Look Nicer, You Do The Direct Opposite and Make A Fool Out Of Yourself.

Now thats that...since I'm on a roll I might as well talk about other things....Its been at least a month since it happen and i'm slowly getting used to things but once in a while it still bugs me here and there...Like when I'm alone and things dont seem to go my way, when the cold I feel is more than just a physical sensation, the feeling of holding onto something so real yet so abstract comes creeping in. I reach out my hand hoping to feel something warm, something familiar but no, all I feel is emptiness. Am I ok? Yes I am but I'm only human and seeing something that I have nurtured grow into what i thought was so beautiful, what I thought was going to keep growing, something that would not fail when everything else does. All my emotions every drop of it pouring into that one thing and one thing only....finally dying so abruptly. Yes only time can heal and yes it has been healing, nevertheless my confidence has dropped, my self esteem trying to find its way back to me. I'm already packing up and bringin my act else where, and so ladies and gents this is a little glimpse into my inner soul. Thank You...