Sunday, March 15, 2009

Man Utd 1 - 4 Liverpool...So What???=)

ok guys i'm sure EVERYONE is aware of that recent event and its plastered all over facebook how Man Utd is a loser la they suck la...well i'm here to set a few things straight. First of all i am a MANCHESTER UNITED fan n despite the lost i still am a proud one....=)....honestly there is nothing to be ashame about...yeah they lost at home..yeah they lost 4-1 but its not like it has not HAPPENED before or its not like its not possible. Of course its possible that is why football is called the BEAUTIFUL game. Like in the FA cup how many times have minor league teams SLAIN big boys like Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chealsea.

This recent defeat has sent SHOCKWAVES across the world i would say. Devastated man utd fans would be trying their best to salvage some pride by defending themselves and liverpool fans would be BOMBARDING the man utd fans like crazy n like there is no tomorrow. Well i for one would defend what SHOULD be defended and accept what SHOULD be accepted.

1) Ppl say that Man Utd fans that fight back are sore losers...ok this is just really REALLY ridiculous. WHY? well we are FANS not PLAYERS so technically we cant really be sore losers. The team i supported lost ok fine so?How does it make me a sore loser by defending what should be defended. Does defending a league title make a team a sore loser? i doubt so right...=)...

2)Ppl say that Man Utd suck cause they lost at home to Liverpool 4-1. hmmm well yeah true no doubt they lost but to say they suck?hmmm...if Man Utd SUCKSSSS but they are still sitting atop the table with 4 points and 1 game in hand AND Liverpool are at 3rd what does that make Liverpool? you do the math...=) Same case for when ppl say Man Utd are losers...yeah true they lost to Liverpool that does not make them losers....Even giants fall sometimes k NO ONE IS FREAKING PERFECT....n forget not this quote "With a GREAT FALL,comes a GREAT ARISING"...=)

3) Ppl say Liverpool will continue their rampage...well i couldn't care less if they do. Man Utd had a bad day no doubt about that. Liverpool had a great day and a great performance so that i will not take away. But with all this pride and so called glory obtained by slaying Real Madrid in mid week and Man Utd on the weekend, i fear the only thing they see coming is a fall. Once again remember this "with PRIDE comes a GREAT fall" and i'm not making this up you for one knows all this...=)

4)To one of my friend who said it doesnt matter if Man Utd lifts the cup at the end of the season and that what matters is that Liverpool won Man Utd 4-1....all i have to say that you short sightedness is not my problem and good luck with that and definately definately can tell that you dont really watch much football huh...=)...go for the big fish or the small fish...hmmm judgin by your looks like you would prefer the small fish for the big... still not my problem....

5)Did Man Utd deserve to lose? well yes i would say..why? why would i be so hypocritical to 1 minute support them n the next say they deserve to lose...well all i can say is that they need a big slapp in the face and thats what they got. They went into the game 7 points clear of the pack and with 1 game in hand. If they won against Liverpool that'll put them 10 points clear and 1 game in hand which they would most likely win so that will put them 13 points clear of the pack...Would you still want to watch the most anticipated league in the world?i STRONGLY doubt i tryin to say Man Utd purposely lost out to make things more interesting...hahaha definately not...if they could get a full grip of the EPL they would and it will enable them to concentrate on the remaining 2 cups too if they would have won all the way. What i'm sayin is that its called the beautiful game for a reason...without events like this the game would have never been labelled as THE BEAUTIFUL GAME.

6)Lastly i would say congrats to Liverpool for going to old trafford and walking away with 3 points and to Man Utd hope the wake up call was loud n clear enough. 1 way i would like to look at the event was that Man Utd became great host by humbling themselves before their guest in hopes that they would return another day with the same spirit...=)...

So to all you FOOTBALL KAKIS out there...GAMES OVER...move on and for the last time look at where your team stands before calling Man Utd a loser. Cause if you are below them then base on logical thinking that would make you a bigger loser so stop calling each other losers...thats a real poor point to fight on...=)CHEERS !!!

ps ~ before you say i emo la...i angry at the lost i sound angry at the lost? like i said i'm looking at facts here...=) and its just 1 game dudeeee hahahahaha

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Standing At CrossRoads!!!

I just got off the phone with my dear ann, thanks for listening....=)....but since i cant understand friedel-crafts alkylation of benzene and why benzene and other aromatic compunds can be attacked by electrophiles and a lot more nonsense i decided to blog and rant a little, perhaps it'll help clear my mind up a little.

So the 2nd semester has already begun, we are already in our week 7 and things are as HECTIC as EVER. Schedule for this week looks something like this:

Monday - Holiday, BUTT have to rush Lab Report and SPF. I had to stay up till 4am to figure out a damn graph which looks something like this

Tuesday - Woke up late, and then in the noon after a quick lunch RUSH lab report with Chong back home at about 3 slept till 5.30pm rush back to uni for sports week vball competition but raining so TAK JADI...=.=...suppose to practice for auditions of annual dinner but living up to the LAST MINUTES spirit we decided to practice on wed the audition day itself.

Wednesday - LUCKY manage to wake up in time for class...n its 311 weee....hahaha....after a tortures thermodynamic lecture we headed to chris's house for practice and then rush back again for auditions and VOLLEYBALL COMPETITION WHICH KEEPS GETTING POSTPONED DUE TO THE WEATHER....sigh....

Thursday - got called to play for green jam(nottingham having an environmental week thing so green jam u get the picture la huh) but as of now we(The Last Minutes) have decided to pull out of that performance...its just a little too much...7pm gree jam and then 6pm volleyball if it doesn't la....HOW....but we'll be back for the TALENT QUEST...=)

Friday - EXAMMMMM!!!!!then after that PEP!!!!!then after that MORE PEP...and after that MORE MORE PEP!!!=( but friday night allocated d for something way way WAY better and more rewarding than PEP hahaha....

n like my title suggest i am or should i say i was at of sports...both the things i love...sighhh so hard to choose...

so yeah basically thats it and i had the sudden urge to study again so toodlesss and Cheers Mates!!! Go Chemical Engineersss WOOOOOO!!!!