Friday, January 9, 2009

A Notice and A Happy New Year??

ok so i know i still you ppl a blog on Finland, that would have to wait till after my exams which are going on right now and also pictures of Rome and Finland all must wait till after exam. However i do have something to share with you ppl.

Its about the new year. I find it weird how ppl feel so happy ushering in the new year its as thou whatever happend in the past year would miraculously disappear. Not trying to be a pessimist or anything but i feel the new year is soooo overated hahaha...the new year means you are 1 year older and supposingly 1 year wiser. NOW if that was true....nvm you do the math yourself. Then you also hear ppl complaining aiyoooo old d la...this la that la...but when new year jolly like nobody's business. Another thing the new year resolution many actually follow all the way thru to the end...its a bit funny to set a goal for the next 365 days, a little unrealistic i would say...For me i have NEW WEEK RESOLUTION...hahahaha...i mean seriously la New Year Resolution, Happy New Year....Pelly would just tell you what's so damn happy about the new year...hahaha... do we really need to wait till its the new year to have a resolution or is the new year there to remind us how we failed to live up to our previous resolution and start making another one? WE dont need to wait for the new year to do something new or to be REVITALISED....start tomorrow la whats the difference. Anyways thats just what i think you can beg to differ...once again i'm not trying to be negative but sometimes i feel some ppl over exaggerate this one year....hahaha....thats all for now...CHEERRRSSS MATESSS!!!!!

upcoming post - 6 lims and A Whole Lot of Finns