Thursday, February 4, 2010


So its been 2 weeks since my finals ended. Once again, spent also 3/4 of the month January in the Library studying my butt off...On the last day the 23rd of Jan, we had SP1 which was a real *****. Anyways after the exam got back home first thing i did was SLEEP!! really really was sleep deprived since X'mas ended haha...oh n the new year for me didn't really kick off on the very best note haha but oh well...things would be better (i hope) *prays*....

Once my thirst for SLEEP was satisfied, I had another thirst i need to satisfy. My thirst for HOEGAARDEN!!!...yes HOEGAARDEN...if you dont know what is HOEGAARDEN go google it...haha. So moving from 1 library to the other, Dharma, Leslie and I made our way to The Library in Cineileisure Damansara for out fix of alcohol...=)...Now THIS Library we wouldn't mind spending 3/4 of the month at hahaha provided our fathers shit money every morning la hahaha...The lot of us enjoyed the Hoegaarden, it was SOO heavenly and nothing beats a good pint of Hoegaarden after working your butt off for a whole freaking month...hahaha...So the total amount of Hoegaarden consumed that night was 9 pints, each of us had 3 pints each so that sums up to 1440 liters of HEAVENLY LIQUID...=) All of us went back home and slept smiling....*smiles* so here are a few pics that I manage to take that night. If you guys wan to just sit n chill with a nice cold beer and live music, The Library is definitely the place to be....=)

Leslie and Dharma

wouldn't mind trading this book for SP1...x)

round: Numero Uno

round: Numero Secondo

round: Numero Terzo

A Happy Sarawakian

A Happy Subang-ian

A Happy Kajang Boy...=)


i'm missing you already...

Now here are the pics of us notts Chem Eng year 2 students REALLY studying in the library of UNMC for our final paper...=)

enough said...

farny ah perashant

i find this pic perashant did not have his hands around sera

Perashant: ahh so for this question its....
after a while...
The Rest: ahh fuck it la...*laughs* *walks away*



No i was NOT pretending to study..haha..courtesy of Mr Leong

the row of year 2 chem eng students at 12.50am

studying like siao = hungry like siao (time 1.50am)

after mamak library close so switch location...yes we were damn despo (time 2 am ++)

Then with only a few hours of sleep for each of us i would was 23rd of Jan 2010 D-Day...

a better pic of Jerome...hahaha

Kel Shen and Dharma

Faith but he barely had faith in SP1 right Faith

Leslie and Mr Leong


SO that basically sums up this blog post...a lot A LOT of pics...i think by far the most, ever since i started up i would blog about another random stuff i did...well ok not so random but crazy keep checking back from time to time hopefully i wont be too lazy too blog....=)

ps - 21 days to 21...=)