Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Known Stranger

A known stranger, such contradictory words in a single statement yet it is so true. It really hurts that things had to come to this, as much as i tried to prepare myself for it nothing could have prepared me for this. Settling for less was hard, but I was lucky i still had it just feels like i've lost so much. We pass by each other like strangers meeting in the hall way. We talk like mere acquaintances. Thru it all i realize that I needed you more than you needed me, hate to admit it but its true.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pursuit Of Happyness

yes i am finally haha...well in my absence a miss deng decided to help me blog which i really really appreciate totally unexpected hahaha...=)...

So recent events in my life has finally managed to kick me hard enough in the arse to blog gosh a lot has happen in this pass few months.

So happiness, we all yearn for it, crave it, want it, is willing to do anything just to get it??hmmm well it is true for some. Personally i dont believe in hurting others just so that we can achieve our OWN happiness. What is happiness if you have no one to share it with? It would really be pointless for me to say this to ppl who are self centered. I do feel sorry for them too as they have to put others down just so that they can feel good.

Then there are those who are willing to do almost anything just to make the ones that are dear to them feel special and happy. They take joy in seeing their love ones smile and get excited over the little things in life that matters.

As of now i can only think of these two, as i'm totally bogged down with exams and i really think i'm losing my mind...=( i decided to chill a little n take friday night off. (or maybe not =x)...

And on the pursuit towards happiness...i am very much aware that the hard way hurts...that is why it was called the hard way to begin with no? hahaha hurt as it may, whatever that does not kill me, will make me stronger...but do i feel stronger? no not yet...i realize that I have manage to push myself this time to really sit n study for quite long periods and i am actually quite amaze haha...then i realize this may be me reacting to recent events in my life. Trying to push away the sorrows by covering it up with work and alcohol and music. I really feel mentally exhausted and at times like this you really wish you are not alone...well technically i am not cause i have 119 other goons with me suffering from BOB and some of them from INC hahaha...but you get what i'm trying to say and if you dont welllll........too bad haha...

So what are YOU willing to do to achieve happiness?

To me i take joy in seeing others being happy and that is no piece of crap is nice to see a little bit of love going around when the world is so filled with hatred. A song from nickelback - far away has awesome lyrics the line that i would stand by would be this

"Cause with you, i'll withstand all of hell just to hold you hand"

and i mean why not right? haha

great things come to those who wait....settling for less is always hard and sad but it is better than having nothing at all...and yeah i guess that will be all from me for now...will try my best to blog until then SMILE for there is a tomorrow and when there is a tomorrow there are opportunities so always put your best foot forward and remember... action speaks louder than words...spread the love ya'lll