Sunday, December 21, 2008

Do As The Romans Do!!!!

Hey guys i finally manage to find time to blog. Well its 1.10am here in Finland and my flight is 9.55 am. So we are camping out here in Helsinki International Airport. Its fun k...the whole domestic flight area is empty and the 6 of us are the only ones here hahaha. Anyways its the 4th day of our travels d. This post is about the first 3 days in Rome.


Well day one, we left Malaysia at 2 am (malaysian time) and flew to Dubai first. There we had a transit time of 4 hours before flying off to Rome. The journey from Dubai to Rome was about 6 and a half hours and the flight was tiring (as usual). I always found it hard to sleep in airplanes. We reached Rome at 12 pm (italian time) and went straight to our hotel, well it wasn't really like a hotel also la. I have pictures and videos and will upload them in due time. We settled down and the lady there gave us a map and she gave taught us how to get about Rome using the bus or metro (subway) service. Fr Julian met up with us around 3pm and it was good to see him. He then took us jalan-jalan. Our first stop was St. Paul's Basicallica which is the 2nd biggest basillica in Rome, I cant find words to describe it. So pictures it shall be. =) Then we went to trappist monastery. This place used to be where St. Paul was executed. The dungeon he was kept in was there too. According to legend, when his head was chopped off, it bounced three times and at those three spots water started to shot out. Now of course got no water la but that was the story. So after that place, we crossed the street to the another church and we kinda forgotten what the church name was. (ehh dont blame us k there are like 170 churches ++ in Rome alone). The significance of this church is that during the World War 2, Mother Mary revelead herself to a pastor who never like to acknowledge her existance. That place was pretty cool, there is this tunnel where people have been placing photos and items of their loved ones since the 1960's. After that we took a bus to Cavour and Fr Julian brought us to this pizerria for dinner. I tell you the pizza there is so so so so so so so so so so so so so damn good. You wouldn't wanna eat Malaysian pizza d hahaha. After dinner we called it a night cos we were super duper tired. The jet lag and the walking, not a very good combination.
Fr Julian actually asked a very interesting question when he saw us. He asked if we had our lunch already. I couldn't give him a definate answer here is why.

1. We left Malaysia at 2am and flew 6 hours to Dubai. In the air they served us supper and also breakfast.

2. We arrived in Dubai at 4am. So we basically travelled back in time.

3. Our flight to Rome was at 9.25am so in the plane they served us lunch and also afternoon tea.

4. BUT we arrived in Rome at 12.45pm. So technically we had lunch and also afternoon tea but when we reached Rome we didn't eat till dinner. So......i dont know, this time traveling thing can be pretty confusing at times hahaha.

So that is the end of Day 1


Day 2 we woke up at about 8am, today Fr Julian had class so we had to go on our own. But it wasn't much of a problem. Our main mode of transport was walk, metro or bus. We had to wake up early cos we wanna make it into the long long long line to get into vatican museum. That museum is so damn big, the museums in Malaysia is not even 1/4 of the Vatican Musuem. There were a lot of interesting things there, but the most important of them lot is the Sistine Chapel where Michaelangelo's masterpieces are all around the chapel. Their chapel i dont know why they call it a chapel is as big as a church d. The dude painted the book of Genesis on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and also the Final Judgement on the wall behind the Altar. His paintings are seriously mind blowing. Its really quite impossible to do what he did and i would say he really did the impossible. He finished his paintins in just 4 years and that is considered a very short period of time. We spent about 3 hours in the musuem and by the time we got out it was already 2pm. Then LUNCH....the food was good. Authentic italian food...yummmyyyyy....After makaning, we walked to St Peter's Basillica. This Basillica is the biggest in Rome and seriously la i cant describe the churches. All i can say its nothing like the ones in Malaysian. All the churches and basillica in Rome are painted FULLY. Like every square inch of them and i'm not exaggerating. Since its winter, it gets dark pretty fast here and by 4pm it was already dark. We travelled from the Vatican City to THE Colloseum. It is my 2nd time seeing and touching the Colloseum but i'm still in awe when i see it knowing its rich history and things that took place there. Then Dad missed Chinese food...=) we went to this Chinese restaurant in Cavour also for dinner, one of Fr Julian's recommendation. The food was ok la, Malaysian Chinese food better...hahaha...we were suppose to get Gelato's after dinner but every1 was very very tired and full not to mention so Gelato's would have to wait.

~End Of Day 2~


So day 3, our last day in Rome. Day 3 Fr Julian joined us again as he had a few more places to take us to. Our journey this time in Rome was pretty religious, but in a very very good way. We learned and saw so much about the churches past. Like on day 2, in St. Peter's Basillica, we saw the tomb of St. Peter, the tomb of the late Pope John Paul the 2nd and other popes before him. Day 3 was even better i would say. Father came by our place at about 9am and our first destination was the churhc of St John Letheran(not sure of the spelling). This church is considered the mother of all church and is like the main church. Dont know why, just is. After that we went to the Holy Steps. The holy steps is the place where Jesus was judged by pilot back in the days and the steps can only be climbed by kneeling. There is a church over it now, at the top of the stairs there is a painting of Jesus apparently painted by an angel. There are a lot of sacred relics in Rome and also a lot on controversy. Like Fr Julian was telling us there are like 4 heads of John the Baptist all over Rome. hahaha....anyways after the holy step we headed to a church called Mary Major. The relic in this church is the picture of Mother Mary painted by St. Luke. Other than that its like any other church in Rome. BIG, FILLED WITH PAINTINGS and AWESOME....=)..... in this church there are a few relics. First, the nail that was used in Jesus's cruxifiction. The thors on his crown. Part of the cross of the good theif and also part of Jesus's very cross. There was also a copy of the shroud of turin. So as usual it was walking walking n walking for us for 3 days. We had lunch with Fr Julian before leaving for the airport and that was the end of day 3.

As of now i'm in the Helsinki Airport and its 2.17am here. The pictures and videos i would upload some other time. Hopefully there will be internet connection in the cottage (keeping fingers crossed). So thats all from me for now. Will try to update you folks as often as possible. Thanks for reading....CHEERS!!!!

ps - missing you crazy bunch of ppl back there. lotsa love from the lims....from Finland...=)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Place Called Kachau

If you read my previous post i mentioned about an event in Kacau. Well i found out that their Kacau is spelled as KacHau, its with a H and its an orang asli settlement deep in the jungles of semenyih. If you find yourself saying "where the hell am i" you might have strayed away from civilisation and ended up in Kachau... hahaha....Kachau is a real place btw (2° 59' 0" North, 101° 52' 0" East ) hahaha...go google it.

So on Sunday, the youth of HFC set out on a journey into the unknown (literally) to spread the joy and spirit of X'mas to the ORIGINAL natives of this land. We were suppose to leave at 9 am but as usual our Malaysian spirits only allowed us to leave for Kachau at approx. 10am. We car pooled as that is the only mode of transport into such a remote area. It is impossible for buses to even access the areas. The other options were : Motorcycle, Walk or Sampan.

I brought 4 dudes including my brother to Kachau Dalam and yes it was FREAKING DALAM. Dalam mana I pun tak tau. Thankfully i was driving my X-trail the pot holes in the so called 'road' were not much of an obstacle to me. BUUUUUUTTTTTTT, alex's car suffered terribly. He was literally CRAWLING his way into Kachau Dalam. hahaha...i feel your pain man...While i brought the form fours into Kachau Dalam. The other group of youths headed to Kachau. (there are 2 settlements - 1)Kachau and 2) Kachau Dalam ) So after me and alex dropped them off in Kachau Dalam, both of us headed to Kachau to join the older youths. =). According to Kenny "After u pass the guard house just go straight n stick left". So we looked out for a guard house but seriously we were picturing in our minds what kind of guard house would be in the middle of no where and why.

Alex:"ehh dude, u think the guard house is just a shed ah"

Mark:"dont know la dei, this area also need guard house ah?"

Alex:"yeah la, so weird right, ehh ehh look guard house, but its the NS camp one"


continues driving.....

Mark:"ahh there a guard house"

Alex:"wahh not bad ah in the middle of no where also got guard house"

We found out that, the orang asal (they prefer being called that...dont know why) in Kachau were actually staying in a farm like place where they cultivate flowers before being sold to nurseries. They live in squatter like homes and have this community hall where we gathered. Once inside this area the both of us thought ok la kau tim d sure can find the place...but can get lost also...=.= ...Eventually we manage to find the place la hahaha...But(i notice i got a lot of buts in my post hahaha) before we reached the community hall, alex and i was just sayin....

Alex:" my gosh dude..... this place so ulu the last thing we going to find is astro here.
Mark:" yeah man"

yes that is an Astro dish...and yes it was in Kachau...

The astro people actually manage to find this place hahaha...salute them la seriously...Best part is we dont even have phone signal but astro signal can get...=.=....The activities started d by the time we got there. The whole day we were basically playing with the kids there. N i tell u....if u think babysitting city kids are bad. These ppl have 3 times more energy than them city kids and 10 times crazier. However, they are really nice kids hahaha. Alfred bribes them with ice cream and junk food. Trivial you me those items are heavenly items to these kids. The best part was when we started singing x'mas carols. These kids were in the middle cos the helpers formed a circle around them and the moment the music started these kids started a MOSH PIT...i am not kidding...they were moshing like nobodies business k. Until fall down la get stepped on la. They just stood up tidy themselves a little and then it was back to MOSHING....hahaha....WE got scared but the kids seemed totally oblivious to the danger hahaha.

Oh i nearly forgotten, before we actually sang there were speeches by the batin's right hand man I think...hahaha a batin is the leader of the kampung. After the dude's speech he sang a song which i could barely hear and only consisted of three notes. NO JOKE. but but....the instrument used was simplicity at its best. Watch the video and you'll know what i'm talkin about. ( you have to watch the video first before reading on )

I actually have 3 videos of them playing and singing, but they are pretty boring. I think the lady was tryin to play the whole tune herself but eventually she gave the other 2 kayus to the other lady. hahaha....the kayu they use looks exactly like the one i would use to WOLAP wild dogs and will only make one sound. (dog screams at the top of its lungs) I dont know what the instrument is called but like i said...its like a piano drum thingy put together. hahaha. So the ladies in the videos are called?? piamer?? drumno?? or just orang asal playing their traditional instruments??
Well after singin and jumping and marching for ice cream...yes marching for ice was lunch time d an alfred was like Hitler preparing his army for war...hahaha...example....

Alfred: Siapa mau AYAM!!!!

Org Asal Kids: SAYA!!!

Alfred: Siapa mau NASI!!!

Org Asal Kids: SAYA!!!

Alfred: Siapa mau TANDAS!!!

Org Asal Kids: SAYA!!! (this part seriously happend...hahaha)

he had to do things like that to keep them busy and distracted while the rest of us get the food from the van...imagine 20 kids shouting at the top of their lungs with their shrill voices SAYA!!! SAYA!!! SAYA!!! As the youth were serving lunch, a man from the village spoke to Ann telling her that its been a while since they had a FEAST like this...and i tell you if i give u eat the food we ate you wouldn't call it a FEAST. It was just fried rice, bee hon with EXTRA SALT (dont know why so salty...think the price of salt went down so the catering aunty gave more), fried chicken, sausages, crabsticks, fish ball, watermelon and orang juice. The orang asal finished the rice and you could see them TA PAUING the fried chicken and the other process food. It was like gold to them and i think they felt it was a waste finishing it all there n then. During lunch time, we also had people from dont know where suddenly appearing hahaha...but i dont blame them la huh...

waiting to serve lunch...

Apart from that nothing else major happened at Kachau, as for Kachau Dalam. You would think that the people there are more ULU or more behind time. In fact, alex and i thought the same. When we joined the other group there later in the day, we were wrong. The people in Kachau were poorer and looked more behind time then those in Kachau Dalam. Even the kids in Kachau Dalam were more "civilised" i would say. But hey i prefered the kids in Kachau, they were very very a good way of course.

My initial plan was to put all 3 events into 1 post but i guess thats not going to happen hahaha...i shall break them down into 2 different post. So thanks for reading, if next time you wanna come with the HFC youth and help out just ask we wont reject and extra pair of hands...=)....(if we're going again...hahaha) Cheers!!!!

before leaving for KACHAU


sam and shaun

nicholas of my passengers...
he so shy so i purposely take pic of him *evil laugh*

vivian and the entourage of cars

the other half of the entourage of cars

the community hall

Ann and a few orang asal kids
and the chinese speaking youth

Alex, Vivian, Pam, Elena, Justin and orang asal kids

the dude giving speech (he is not the batin thou)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

X'mas Party

Ok so its the 13th of Dec my family are finally back from malacca and we had a small x'mas party at our place since we wont be around during x'mas. (this is a continuation from the previous post) So after sending manda, fred and sher to metro i got back home n slept till 4pm hahaha. Then went for sunset mass cos 2mr morning we leaving for Kacau (dont know if thats how you spell it) in the morning for the orang asli event. Kacau is a place in semenyih and its a orang asli settlement. I will blog about that tomorrow night and give you guys more details la huh. Mass was ok laaa, John Gomez (lead singer of After Class Stories) cantored today and have to say not bad la john for ur first go hahaha. [FYI - members of After Class Stories are all Catholics.]

After mass it was party time althought its just a small and simple one I had fun la. Laughing and interrogating daniel and bibi hahaha. *whispers* Hope we didn't scare them too much *whispers*. Also 2 significant events took place tonite hahaha...since Sandy and Glynn officially finished high school d we decided to introduce alcohol to them hahaha....(dont worry it was for educational purposes hahaha). Glynn came late so Sandy was first. Gave her try Kahlua with milk i personally like it and most of the choir members do too so it would be a good way to start = - ). [pls watch following video]

Then It was Glynn's turn, but the video is with fred so too bad, dont worry dom i mixed for ur sis with more coke in it ; - ) hahaha. Another thing i have to talk about is how Ann finished her Kahlua from the bottle itself...=)....

There wasn't much Kahlua left so ann n i just decided to drink it from the bottle la huh. Anyways that basically sumed up the night.


Listening to Reuben

Reuben telling story

Since Daniel was so shy Reu 'helped' him tell us their story...=)

dinner time

(disclaimer~no1 went home drunk tonite...not that i know of...hehehe)

The SleepOver!!!

So friday the 12th...i know this post is a day late but its because my internet was down AGAIN!!! sigh so suay man...sienz...thats why couldn't blog. But even if it was on i doubt i have time to blog hahaha....

Anyways friday morning slept at 4 am and was suppose to wake up at 9 am to go to class. Before going to bed i check to see if my alarm clock was set at 9 am and it was so i went straight to bed. Then the next day when i woke up it was already 10.15 am. N i check my clock again n realized that i did not turn the alarm clock on hahaha...wat the hell right i got my lazy ass out of bed and took my time n showered hahaha then headed to Uni for a 3 hour lecture of PEF. But turn out it was onli a 1 and a half hour lecture dont know which bugger brruuuffff me....Then after class went to Restaurant Seow Man (i know it sounds like siuman but it is the restaurants name hahaha) to have lunch. That afternoon was fun la, cos it wasn't just the normal come back home from class sit infront of pc or sleep afternoon. hahaha. Then at night went for drum class and after that immediately rush to Sg Jelok for carolling practice. Sg Jelok having their carolling next monday and tuesday (same day with Sg long's carolling) so Dom asked me to join them n i did since i would be free and its 2 days before i leave for Finland. At least in a way get to celebrate part of X'mas with the folks here la huh hahaha. Then after practice ended which was about 10 pm i drove to Sg Long to go get Fred, Manda and Sher cos they were going to stay over at my place. Fred and Manda was tryin so hard to convince Ann and Sandy to come join us but due to some unforseen circumstances Ann and Sandy couldn't make it. (it would have been more fun with you two la...sigh)...

So the 3 of us had our sleepover and we didn't sleep till 6 am hahaha. Me and Fred talked till 7am and i slept when the sun came up hahaha. Then had to wake up at 11am to send manda for piano class. Oh this was saturday morning d the 13th. I shall stop here for the sleepover blog and start a new post on the X'mas Party...thanks for reading and CHEERS ppl....

ps - X'mas is coming...woohooo....

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Home Alone Script That Did Not Make It....

Yes as the title would suggest i am home alone and yes it did not make it to the big screens if not i would be famous by now. hahaha. Anyways folks and siblings went to A'Famosa for holiday, no they did not leave me behind as a punishment. I have class tomorrow.... Dr. Svenja's class some more == and that means PEF. PEF to me is a whole new language d so i better attend and hopefully get what she is trying to teach this time. 3 hours of PEF man my gosh. Ask any year 1 chemical engineer and they'll give you the saddest face they can give.

So happenings for today...hmmm....woke up at 1pm i'm not getting much luxury of waking up so late, so i'm appreciating it. Its also because i watched MU's game till about 5.30am...they drew 2 all with Aalborg (its a Danish club if i'm not mistaken) and MU should have FREAKING WON (die heart MU fan here...hahaha). After lunch sat down at the pc and at about 3pm the whole lot of them left. Its so quite here hahaha. Can hear echos. (if you shout loud enough you really can) my house is not big its just EMPTY...DAN dan dan dan dan dan dan....... Come Dota dota dota dota dota dota dota....(looks response ==)

Then came evening or should i say night...THANK GOD....cos i finally have something to do rather than just sitting my arse infront of the pc and wasting my life. hahaha....There was x'mas carols practice for this weekend's event. This weekend the form four students led by the youths are going to 2 different orang asli settlements and spread the joy of x'mas. But seriously with the practice we had today, joy is a far far far far far FAR away thing. I was in the presence of FORM FOUR students, but it surely did not feel that way. It was so sad and pathetic. The guys were like wussies (the word dont even exist i had to make it up) dont even dare to gosh...ashame of what i have no idea. The girls showed better response thou. This sunday at the settlements its going to be interesting la, hopefully they'll have a sudden burst of COURAGE and INSPIRATION than they'll truly spread the joy of x'mas but as of now....(shakes head) long silence....... The same lot of them are suppose to sing carols for this year's x'mas eve mass, hopefully things will work out la huh....for everyones sake.

After the practice there, i didn't stick around much and headed straight to manda's place to see their dance (since i wont be around to see it on the real day). The youth of sg long....or specifically Sandy, Elena, Fred, Manda, Flo, Sher, Kimberly and Ann WHO WAS MIA TODAY....==....are preparing for this year's Sg Long Annual X'mas Dinner which i have been told has been and will be a blast...hahaha...i have a video of them practicing and they are pretty good i must say, but my phone is not cooperating with me.... its lagging for some reason. So once again, i would have to wait till its done lagging to upload it. =0

And after the practice.....welllll.....back home and again infront of the pc typing this blog out cos i got nothing better to do. Of course the notts peeps would be shouting at me sayin ARE YOU NUTS!!!...i know la exam coming but i cant study man x'mas is around the corner hahaha. So that will be it for tonight, have to brace myself for 3 hours of PEF lecture =.=** . Then for the rest of the day my list of activities are still undecided except for drum class at 8pm and x'mas carols practice at sg jelok after that. (got imported by Dom again...hahaha...)So until 2mr thanks for reading and i will try to get the videos up...Cheers....!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is...a Pair of Jeans???

Greetings ppl....well i'm back on me blog again...good news hahaha.....yeah i'm MENTALLY resting myself this week even though i have been given not so good news about my Engineering Industries test. I only manage to get 23.5 out of FREAKING SAD. That AH CHIN ah has something against giving good marks to ppl hahaha...(or perhaps i didn't deserve good marks)...oh well suck it up n move on la huh....Anyways wasn't going to let that come in my way of RELAXING...MENTALLY. As i said in my previous post, it has been non stop work work work.

So things that happened today...well class as usual in the morning. ACP was ok did pass year paper, DR SVENJA HANSON still hasn't done justice to PEF. sigh. i think i need tuition from her la hahha. Today had math replacement class for 1 hour some more DURING LUNCH sad. So had to eat lunch at 11.30am..==... Thong Lee Fah, was in a pretty good mood today....i wonder why...(rubs chin) hmmmmm.....she wasn't as fast as she usually would be hahaha. She came to a point where she was teaching us about Riemann Sum. (i doubt any1 would be interested to know, but just incase if u are GOOGLE it)....the way she said Riemann Sum sounded like.. RAI MAN SAM (say it in a very chinese dialect like how russell peter does it) its pretty hilarious hahaha. Class for today ended at 3pm. Got back home played a while then slept till bout 8.

After dinner which was about 8.40pm d. So reluctantly went to parkson n shop for jeans with mom and brothers. YES i got my lazy ass up to go shopping, a pretty rare sight i must say hahaha. But i had to la. I have been surviving for at least 2 years with just 1 pair of jeans. (yes i know pathetic). Anyways i manage to get 2 pair of jeans this time and it is also mainly cos i would be needing them when i go to FINLANDIA. The place is going to be packed with snow and its going to be wet so die die also going to need more than 1 pair of jeans. hahaha.

On a different note, x'mas is coming soon wei and i'll be away from Malaysia soon also. Well part of me feels sad la because we wont be around for x'mas. Its our first time out of the country during the x'mas period. That means no midnight mass, no cousins, no friends but alcohol still got la a lot of it some more hahaha. The other part of me feels excited of course i mean how can i not right. Its FINLAND. Some ppl dont even know where that is hahaha. According to dad, we going to have only 4 hours of sunlight and the rest of the day is dark. Awesome right. Why Finland you say? hahaha well cos we have a family friend that lives there and my dad n this Finnish dude has been friends even before i was born. So it'll be cool to experience x'mas the ANG MO way. hahaha and for the first time in my life A WHITE CHRISTMAS...=).

Well i think that will be it for tonight, 2mr or technically speaking today is a public holiday cos its some dudes b'day so will see if anything happen. hahaha... and MU's game is in 3 hours time weeehooo...=-) anyways...thanks for dropping by again and CHEERS mates....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Finally after so long abandoning my blog...(which was not done on purpose of course) i am back. Its been so long it feels as like there are cobwebs all over my blog d hahaha..Anyways i'm back n i have got a lot of stories to tell hahaha.

So as u can see my last post was done just before the start of my semester. I'm blogging now not because its over d but because i finally have some room to breathe and can sleep more peacefully and not have to think about assignments constantly. Chemical Engineering is not easy at all i can tell u. Let me give u an example of how my week looked like at one point.

Saturday- Went to Summerset with Family, fred and sher.

Sunday - still in Summerset

Monday - came back around evening. At night practice with The Last Minutes (my uni band) for chem end night. This year's theme was masquerade party

Tuesday - went back to Uni. Do lab report and study for Wednesday's exam. AND memorize lyrics. ( Cos i'm the lead singer of The Last Minutes....hahaha)

Wednesday - Morning had exam. Then classes....Then Masquerade Night...Performance was great the crowd was awesome and very responsive...=) ehh chemical engineers know how to party also k hahaha...

Thursday - Early morning as in 1 am, got home bath then started work at 1.30am up to 4am because lab report due date is TODAY....==....lucky manage to finish. Slept at 4am woke up at 10am. Immediately start on Friday's presentation and started work on Engineering Industries report.

Friday - Professional Skills presentation...

And so that basically summed up one of the weeks in my semester. If i'm not mistaken it was the 4th how la to blog right. Hahaha whatever free time i had was spent either sleeping or band practicing because at that time the boys and I ( After Class Stories) were preparing for a prom organized by convent which is another story...wait...

Back to my studies things were gettin harder and harder... Process Engineering Fundamentals ( PEF) is FREAKING HARD....MASS BALANCE has no balance at all. You can sit and stare at the questions for hours n still not do a thing. The lecturer a German lady does not help much with her accent some more. But she is ok la when you ask her personally. I personally understood her better when i spoke to her personally hahaha. Other than that, everything was still pretty bareable. Assignments officially finished today. PEF assignment. At 4.30pm every1 was literally running to the faculty office to hand in the assignment hahaha. It was damn funny. The room was packed with mostly chem eng students tryin to get their assingments in right before 4.30pm. It was so satisfyin handing in my last assignment for this Sem but the WAR is not over yet. Finals are like a month away...i'll be off to FINLAND in a week time...(hopefully i get internet connection there, then can blog or i would most likely video blog) =) So thats about it for my studies.

Now my other life...

Well nothing much happend la i would say...untill december came...hahaha...HFC choir as usual on demand hahaha going to have a few performances. Unfortunately, me and shaun cant join them this year and will only manage to sing at BV2. This coming weekend also dont know if can make it....==...Then of course PROM NIGHT 2008. That was a bomb. We had loads of fun. We as in the whole band featuring DANIEL LIM my BROTHER FROM THE SAME MOTHER...hahaha...daniel totally rocked the house with us man. KUDOS to Daniel. I have a few videos on prom night, but not our performance. Accoding to manda no1 recorded...sgh...hahaha oh well looks like we'll just have to do it AGAIN...So if any1 got prom dont hesitate contact us k hahaha....Oh n big shout out to Manda, Phoebe, Lis, Renu, Naim, Charlene...i know u girls have been working ur ass out to make the prom work got future in planning events...good good hahaha it'll look good on ur CV one day.

Then also of course Celine's B'day....hahaha....this time we went to TGIF and it was fun. i'm sure celine will remember this b'day hahaha. After coming bak home some more got surprise... Thanks to Ann, Fred, Manda, Flora, Sher for coming by and surprising her. I have a video of how the TGIF employees celebrated her b'day hahaha. So pls do check that out.

So yeah that was basically it la thanks for reading and hopefully nowadays i can update me blog a lot more yea...Cheers....=)