Friday, September 3, 2010

1 Malaysia

Now i dont know if you all notice but the whole racism issue is escalating in Malaysia. The whole principle calling everyone else a PENDATANG or PENUMPANG and the beating of the chinese doods on National Day yes NATIONAL DAY...yet the country still urges us to be patriotic... TRIES their best to make a big fuss about the 31st of August but in all truth they only appreciate the public holiday it offers haha...and i speak for myself to. I TRIED to be patriotic about it but really mmm just not feeling it man...

The whole idea of 1 Malaysia is a noble idea i must say...yes i appreciate the effort of trying to bridge the gap between the races but really coming out with KEMPEN after KEMPEN is not going to help and if its anything it just provides the stand up comedians n critics a whole load of ammunition...we really dont mean to laugh at it but when such KEMPENs come out a whole load of crap from respective organizations come out too...haha its like a well choreographed dance.

I can go on n on about how unfair things have been, i can go on n on about how we can use history to show that even the POLITICALLY claimed original people are not original...but what i really want to talk about is WHY are WE being ATTACKED by these be honest this simple mind of mine cannot come up with any answers....i read this article and it has shed a little light on the issue

and the follow up

now the side i'm takin is NO not the side of TRUTH really truth? in this doggy dog eat world nahh...i'm taking the side of LOGIC and COMMON SENSE no not 5 cents or the 6th sense just plain simple common sense. There are what Nurul puts it as progressive malays who are trying to break out n speak their mind...but then there are those who constantly use the same words n tactic to silence them...for CONTOH:

"Blood Traitor"
"No respect for the malay rights"
"dishouring the king"

and many many more slurs that they just throw at them....Am i

Trying to start a fight? No i'm not

Then whats the purpose of this post...well i just wanted to speak a little of my mind not too much just a little cause i dont wan to end up in a detention centre too haha...agree with me or disagree with me tell me about i cant give cause i'm no where near to being a politician but as a young adult (aiyer feel so weird calling myself that) I think i can play my part by ignoring the nonsensical slurs that they throw at me and just stay n support those who think with their brains...because as much as EVERYONE knows what they say is NOT TRUE and throwing facts back at them will not help WHY??? well simply cause some ppl are born with half a brain and they only wan to use 1/4 of it....hahaha i'm just kidding well its cause they just are simply INSECURE yes INSECURE...insecurity KILLS....period...insecurity leaves them susceptible to the so called 'brain washing' propagandas that are being spread like a disease only problem is there is no cure for this disease....YET...

Malaysia is a lovely place...i've traveled to many countries before and as screwed up as things can be here I still prefer to come back haha...I also believe that if Malaysia can pull thru...we will definitely be a SHINNING example of how so many races can co exist which in turn i HOPE can stop racism all together...We've sang songs about RACISM, we've played Football to try n stop RACISM, we've painted pictures, heard talks, heard stories from kids, done pledges, joined looks like everything is been done to stop or at least REDUCE it but nothing seems to be working on the long run...another million dollar question WHY?

we need a whole lot more love not just here but EVERYWHERE, but if we cannot spread the love here first why even bother going else where....So stop hating...if u've been patience keep it up it'll do you good...if u've not give it a shot....but always do stand up for urself in anyway you can...peace ya'll...yEEEHHAaaaaa!!!

oh and also go watch this...=)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creative Output

All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.

Sing a new song to the Lord

for he has worked wonders.

His right hand and his holy arm

have brought salvation.

The Lord has made known his salvation;

has shown his justice to the nations.

He has remembered his truth and love

for the house of Israel.

All the ends of the earth have seen

the salvation of our God.

Shout to the Lord all the earth,

ring out your joy.

Sing psalms to the Lord with the harp,

with the sound of music.

With trumpets and the sound of the horn

acclaim the King, the Lord.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So its been 2 weeks since my finals ended. Once again, spent also 3/4 of the month January in the Library studying my butt off...On the last day the 23rd of Jan, we had SP1 which was a real *****. Anyways after the exam got back home first thing i did was SLEEP!! really really was sleep deprived since X'mas ended haha...oh n the new year for me didn't really kick off on the very best note haha but oh well...things would be better (i hope) *prays*....

Once my thirst for SLEEP was satisfied, I had another thirst i need to satisfy. My thirst for HOEGAARDEN!!!...yes HOEGAARDEN...if you dont know what is HOEGAARDEN go google it...haha. So moving from 1 library to the other, Dharma, Leslie and I made our way to The Library in Cineileisure Damansara for out fix of alcohol...=)...Now THIS Library we wouldn't mind spending 3/4 of the month at hahaha provided our fathers shit money every morning la hahaha...The lot of us enjoyed the Hoegaarden, it was SOO heavenly and nothing beats a good pint of Hoegaarden after working your butt off for a whole freaking month...hahaha...So the total amount of Hoegaarden consumed that night was 9 pints, each of us had 3 pints each so that sums up to 1440 liters of HEAVENLY LIQUID...=) All of us went back home and slept smiling....*smiles* so here are a few pics that I manage to take that night. If you guys wan to just sit n chill with a nice cold beer and live music, The Library is definitely the place to be....=)

Leslie and Dharma

wouldn't mind trading this book for SP1...x)

round: Numero Uno

round: Numero Secondo

round: Numero Terzo

A Happy Sarawakian

A Happy Subang-ian

A Happy Kajang Boy...=)


i'm missing you already...

Now here are the pics of us notts Chem Eng year 2 students REALLY studying in the library of UNMC for our final paper...=)

enough said...

farny ah perashant

i find this pic perashant did not have his hands around sera

Perashant: ahh so for this question its....
after a while...
The Rest: ahh fuck it la...*laughs* *walks away*



No i was NOT pretending to study..haha..courtesy of Mr Leong

the row of year 2 chem eng students at 12.50am

studying like siao = hungry like siao (time 1.50am)

after mamak library close so switch location...yes we were damn despo (time 2 am ++)

Then with only a few hours of sleep for each of us i would was 23rd of Jan 2010 D-Day...

a better pic of Jerome...hahaha

Kel Shen and Dharma

Faith but he barely had faith in SP1 right Faith

Leslie and Mr Leong


SO that basically sums up this blog post...a lot A LOT of pics...i think by far the most, ever since i started up i would blog about another random stuff i did...well ok not so random but crazy keep checking back from time to time hopefully i wont be too lazy too blog....=)

ps - 21 days to 21...=)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Known Stranger

A known stranger, such contradictory words in a single statement yet it is so true. It really hurts that things had to come to this, as much as i tried to prepare myself for it nothing could have prepared me for this. Settling for less was hard, but I was lucky i still had it just feels like i've lost so much. We pass by each other like strangers meeting in the hall way. We talk like mere acquaintances. Thru it all i realize that I needed you more than you needed me, hate to admit it but its true.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pursuit Of Happyness

yes i am finally haha...well in my absence a miss deng decided to help me blog which i really really appreciate totally unexpected hahaha...=)...

So recent events in my life has finally managed to kick me hard enough in the arse to blog gosh a lot has happen in this pass few months.

So happiness, we all yearn for it, crave it, want it, is willing to do anything just to get it??hmmm well it is true for some. Personally i dont believe in hurting others just so that we can achieve our OWN happiness. What is happiness if you have no one to share it with? It would really be pointless for me to say this to ppl who are self centered. I do feel sorry for them too as they have to put others down just so that they can feel good.

Then there are those who are willing to do almost anything just to make the ones that are dear to them feel special and happy. They take joy in seeing their love ones smile and get excited over the little things in life that matters.

As of now i can only think of these two, as i'm totally bogged down with exams and i really think i'm losing my mind...=( i decided to chill a little n take friday night off. (or maybe not =x)...

And on the pursuit towards happiness...i am very much aware that the hard way hurts...that is why it was called the hard way to begin with no? hahaha hurt as it may, whatever that does not kill me, will make me stronger...but do i feel stronger? no not yet...i realize that I have manage to push myself this time to really sit n study for quite long periods and i am actually quite amaze haha...then i realize this may be me reacting to recent events in my life. Trying to push away the sorrows by covering it up with work and alcohol and music. I really feel mentally exhausted and at times like this you really wish you are not alone...well technically i am not cause i have 119 other goons with me suffering from BOB and some of them from INC hahaha...but you get what i'm trying to say and if you dont welllll........too bad haha...

So what are YOU willing to do to achieve happiness?

To me i take joy in seeing others being happy and that is no piece of crap is nice to see a little bit of love going around when the world is so filled with hatred. A song from nickelback - far away has awesome lyrics the line that i would stand by would be this

"Cause with you, i'll withstand all of hell just to hold you hand"

and i mean why not right? haha

great things come to those who wait....settling for less is always hard and sad but it is better than having nothing at all...and yeah i guess that will be all from me for now...will try my best to blog until then SMILE for there is a tomorrow and when there is a tomorrow there are opportunities so always put your best foot forward and remember... action speaks louder than words...spread the love ya'lll

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Premier of Whiteout

DISCLAIMER: I know i said in previous post that this was suppose to be Hennessy Artistry but that will have to wait a while longer hahaha

So it was the 13th of Oct, some were a bit taboo about the number 13 but to me its just another number. Poor 13 somehow along the way in history got associated with BAD LUCK. I think it all started with the whole Salem Witch Trial thing which i dont know much about...anywhoooooooooo Kristine so kind heatedly invited me to the premier of Whiteout.

I'm just going to roughly summarize the movie in my own words...don't worry I wont give out any spoilers hahaha....Basically the movie is a Suspense/Thriller movie about mankind's greed which eventually cause havoc in Antarctica where the movie is set. Whiteout is a phenomenon whereby the weather gets so bad that winds can reach up to 100 mph and you can not see more than 6 inches in front of you. So the movie is about a group of geologist who were out on their expedition searching for meteorites until 1 day they stumbled upon something very precious. The story slowly unfolds itself with flashbacks and a twist or two. Carrie Stetko(Kate Beckinsale) plays a U.S Marshall who is determined to hunt down the murderer and solve the mystery involved as the team of geologist dies 1 by 1....i personally like movies like this where I cant guess the endings. During the movie you are bound to feel SUSPENSE haha and the element of suspense is not disappointing at all and will most definitely bring you to the edge of your sits. The twist in the movie is relatively good BUT the movie is quite short. I however enjoyed it and would recommend you to watch it despite the length of the movie. It is rated 18 PL...i think...but there really isn't much unless the good Malaysian Board of Censorship CENSORED off all the good parts hahaha...there is a certain extend of Goriness in the movie but if you managed to survive Final Destination 4 then this would be a stroll in the park for you. The movie will be premiering in Cinemas this Thursday i think which is the 15th of Oct so go watch it....The movie's cast includes KATE BECKINSALE (love her) Shawn Doyle and Nicolas Wright.


Here is the trailer, feast your eyes on this!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Anger Management

As the title suggest this post is going to get hot hot hot...hahaha i've never had a post like this so here goes...i'll try to be as gentle as possible for the benefit of everyone.

The one thing that ticks me off...that i have really REALLY low tolerance towards is when ppl change because of POWER. I'm really damn effing annoyed with bone heads like this. After taking a long break from IT I finally decided to go bak and Sunday marked the first day of my so called return. I never expected anything knowing things has been getting from bad to worst until a few stepped bak in to try n salvage whatever is left of IT. Then seeing them bak there i thought to myself hey maybe it wouldn't be thaaaatttt bad after all la. I was in for a surprise la...the dungu of a person cannot even greet ppl with a simple HI also. *argue* But Mark she stress la chill la give her some time and space...if thats the case right I want to go around being an asshole and justify myself by saying i'm going through a bad patch la. =.= ... cannot right? i mean wtf like everybody else got no issues in their life la either way it is not an excuse to treat ppl badly. So ok fine i'll be the understanding one and give her the benefit of the doubt la huh.

During practice we were running through a song and it had to be stopped so that the musicians could be TOLD what to that SERIOUSLY ticks me off...We are not Malaysian Philharmonic orchestra or a PERFORMING why scrutinize the way the musicians play..What happen to spontainity and sparks of inspiration...I felt like I was at work being PUSHED around by a boss whos nose has been arched SOOOO high that he cant even see his own 2 feet. Things were just really PATHETIC...yes i miss the good ole times we we used to have fun being together glorifying HIM n not OURSELVES...I dont like to just sit down and complain and then do nothing about it but now i'm gettin my arse up and TRYING to do something about it and yet all I see is EGO and INSECURITY....FLAWS that OTHERS have to suffer that is just plain ridiculous la...its been at least 2 months i've been bearing with beats that are just saddening... 1 BY 1 THEY FALL BECAUSE OF POWER AND THE TUNE THAT IS PLAYING IS THE SAME OLD the movie spider man Uncle Ben said to Peter...with great POWER comes great RESPONSIBILITY. Only thing i see is the responsibility of keeping me myself and I above the rest regardless of what I do...

In Your Attempts to Make Things Look Nicer, You Do The Direct Opposite and Make A Fool Out Of Yourself.

Now thats that...since I'm on a roll I might as well talk about other things....Its been at least a month since it happen and i'm slowly getting used to things but once in a while it still bugs me here and there...Like when I'm alone and things dont seem to go my way, when the cold I feel is more than just a physical sensation, the feeling of holding onto something so real yet so abstract comes creeping in. I reach out my hand hoping to feel something warm, something familiar but no, all I feel is emptiness. Am I ok? Yes I am but I'm only human and seeing something that I have nurtured grow into what i thought was so beautiful, what I thought was going to keep growing, something that would not fail when everything else does. All my emotions every drop of it pouring into that one thing and one thing only....finally dying so abruptly. Yes only time can heal and yes it has been healing, nevertheless my confidence has dropped, my self esteem trying to find its way back to me. I'm already packing up and bringin my act else where, and so ladies and gents this is a little glimpse into my inner soul. Thank You...