Monday, July 27, 2009

1st Time For Everything

Alrite i know this post is about 1 week late and my excuse for it being late is that I was just too lazy to do anything but watch tv series and sleep. hahaha....anyways like the title suggest there is always a 1st time for everything and last week I had 2 events that was my first time.

FIRST - It was MPO. So many years being a musician i have never seen a ochestra playing live before and come to think of it, it is pretty damn sad a whole lot of use went for this show ( cant remember the name and no its not because it was that bad ) and i enjoyed it. Although i did dose off here n there hahaha. We had to dress up like super formal in coat n all. The 3 main singers were awesome and the choir was i have to say better than HFC choir...sigh...but these ppl are I would like to believe PROFESSIONALLY trained...hahaha wherelse the HFC choir is just a group of guys n girls coming together and singing their hearts out for the greater glory. Anyways the violins were stunning and now i finally understand what my piano teacher wanted when she yelled at me MARK SOFTER SOFTER....just a rough idea of how the dinamics are...when they say soft it means to the extend of barely hearing anything but in the faint distance u can hear something...makes any sense to you? hahaha well it does to me...soooooo MPO was fun oh n it was my first time mamaking in FORMAL clothes too 2 first timers in 1 night woohoo....

SECOND - Man Utd was in town last week and they played against a Malaysian selection AND this happened on Saturday which clashed with MPO. I was a little disappointed but then again was thinkin i'll catch them the next time they come around. So the results of the match was of course quite unexpected. Malaysian hero Amri Yahya capitalized on his chances and gave Malaysia a lifeline and a chance at that game but ultimately Man Utd showed us once again why big buck players are called BIG BUCK PLAYERS only this time it came in the form of a free transfer agent...=)....I only manage to know the result of the match the following day which is a Sunday and flipping thru the pages something caught my eye... MAN UTD. TO PLAY A REMATCH WITH MALAYSIAN XI...and i was like WTF!!!! this is it...this is my second chance to watch the game LIVE...I was not going to miss out on this opportunity and after mass called that monkey finger fella and nick. Gomez agreed to go with me to Bukik Jalil to get the tics but the last minute he FFK I by hook or by crook was going to go get the tics. I left my house at about 3pm and reached Bukik Jalil Stadium at about 3.20pm and when i saw the line, instincts kick in and i slow jog towards the line...looking to my right a couple was staring right at me n i staring right back at them thankfully the girl tak boleh lari so i made it to the line first Singaporean Kiasu Mentality...hahaha....

From where i stood when i got there

So there i was lining up infront of that couple...=)....under the hot sun hoping that the line would thin out fast...and then it hit me...why is it taking ppl so long to get the blady tics when all they have to do is say how many ppl...its not like they were at the movies trying to decide what show to watch...=.=...thanks to that Gomez fella i had to wait there alone...=(...but for Man Utd. I was willing hahaha....anyways after about 40 minutes or so...which is relatively a short time but since the sun was blazing it'll be categorized under LONG after the long wait the line then look something like this

40 minutes later

When I took the pic at this position there was this fella on the other line suddenly said "WHAT SOLD OUT" I was like Fish la Fish...i waited under the HOT sun for so LONG all ALONE then the bugger say sold out...first thing that came to my mind was...KILL GOMEZ...2nd was....well...nothing actually hahahaha....luckily for GOMEZ the fella repeated himself again this time sayin " WHAT the 308 SOLD OUT"...and i was like phew the RM 308 tics is it...sigh...its not good you know give ppl this kinda shock...especially when there are lives on the a few minutes later, with ticket in hand and smile on face and satisfaction at heart...I couldn't wait to watch Man Utd play...the thought of seeing Rooney and Ferdinand and Evra and the whole lot of them play was ORGASMIC...hahaha....

MATCH DAY - So then match day came and the whole lot of us decided to be there 3 hours before the the time we reached the stadium which was at 5.20pm the crowd outside the gate was like this (picture doesn't wanna come unto blogger) it wasn't the largest crowd i've seen in 1 given area but it was sure good to see so many Man Utd fans hahaha....anyways the game was good, the atmosphere was awesome...Man Utd....ahhhh....still my favs....and to sum it all up just watch the 2 videos below....So on MATCH DAY it was my first time going to a footbal was my first time watching Man Utd play LIVE!!! was my first time gathering with so many Man Utd was my first time doing a mexican wave with thousands of ppl hahaha....all in all that weekend was a nice change for the normal weekends i have been thats all from this post watch the videos...=) cheers

ps - blogger doesn't wanna cooperate with me so i cant upload the videos now...sorry for any incovenience caused...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Silence Is Broken

OK finally i have enough of inspiration to write just a weee bitt hahaha...I've been kept shut by the plain fact that nothing much has been going on in my life...everything is or should i say was same old same old...But recent events have made me bring out the thinkin box

I have been struck dumbfounded a few times in the past week. I was once again reminded of how interesting and unique homo sapiens are. How some believe that when the going gets tough on one side just switch to the other. How decisions are made without thinking of the repercussions.

We all have made decisions in life....some very significant some less significant. Some ppl look at all their options before choosing what would suit them best and disregard others. Some would just make decisions without thinkin twice or the repercusions it'll bring after making such a decision. It is definately undeniable that we control our lives, yes and yes we dont have to care about what others think about who we are and what we do or how we express ourselves. Honestly, i do believe in this too but everything comes with a limit. When we make decisions that are life altering, it does not just alter YOUR life it changes the lifes of the ppl around you. Talking about change, ppl change for a reason or two, perhaps it was an event that happened to them personally or perhaps the change really isn't in others.

How do i know what i'm doing in life is right, how do i know this is the right path...these questions have most definitely been on our minds unless you really are so blatantly ignorant to where you are headed in life. My answer to these questions would be...look at how ppl around you are reacting. Reacting to the decisions you make, the lifestyle you live, the way you bring yourself cause i believe that every action we take has an equal reaction. It is simple physics but it sure can be applied in our daily life. I'm not trying to say that we have to be self conscious all i'm saying is that sometimes when we keep asking questions like why is this happening to me, why are ppl treating me like this, why is my life heading in this direction...maybe it's only fair to take a step back and just think...are my actions causing this? or am i just caught up in the middle of a situation.

I've been sitting back and watching and the sights i'm seeing are not gettin any prettier. Can i do something about it...perhaps...Responsibility is a word that is very under rated. Maturity is even more more MORE under rated.

Being responsible and matured doesn't mean old and boring... they are not synonyms agree with me or disagree with me i wanna hear all about it. Asking me for knitty gritty details i'm just going to say sorry. Has the recent events in my life compelled me to write this post YES.
So that will be all from me now i really wish i could write more but let me go think first before i come back....hahaha...Cheers!!