Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mark Lim Emo Boy!!!

ok la i see every blog also got emo post so i also wan to have emo post. Cannot be social outcast hahaha....anyways so ready for my emoness....EMOOOOOOOOOOOOO EMOOOOOOOOO EMOOOOOOO EMOOOOOOOOO EMOOOOOO...ok done....=) hahaha

ANYWAYSSSSS.....i see my night at the hospital 2 post till sienz d so have to come up with another post. Since my ordeal at the hospital there was no rest for me, allison said suppose to get at least 1 month rest before resuming anything. UNFORTUNATELY i dont have the luxury of 1 month rest, i had to fire up my cylinders again making sure i was using high octane petrol to be able to catch up on what was lost. So as i mentioned in the previous blog, I did go for my annual dinner and i did perform for my talent quest finals all in pain but but the show must go on and if i would have pulled out i would have disappointed a lot of ppl. (Including myself) Talent quest turned out pretty good for us despite the fact that i was handicapped. We didn't win but personally i thought we won.

Here is the video( just scroll all the way down and join the group if you haven joined.

Then after talent quest, it was Process Engineering Project or a.k.a PEP that was hell i tell you...i had to juggle doing PEP and study math at the same time. The schedule looked like this

Monday - PEP assignment due
Wednesday - Math Test
Thursday - Thermodynamics assignment due.

So at the end of that week a very very VERY sad thing happened. I had to wave goodbye to ann ann...=(....woke up at 5.30am to go to airport to send her off. She'll be gone for 6 months, 6 months only right...ehhh its been a week and its already hard....sighhh....emo emo emo emo emo emo emo...hahahaha...but i'm glad she took on the challenge and went to india. I spoke to her recently and she said some students cant take it and actually pulled out (not from masterskill)....with her is so different....

That was on the 24th of april a friday and i decided to take some time off studies n rested but cannot rest in peace also cause every morning wake up think of...Ann, MPC, HMT, and SPF. So then study break commenced on the 27th of april. I have been going to Uni all week studyin with dharma. Then today is labour's day d fast la...i was kinda hoping the weekend didnt come so fast cause that just means WE ( the chem eng year 1 peeps) have less time. Oh i forgot, on thursday night went out for movie outing with the whole gang (without ann =(... ) we watched x-men origins: wolverine. The movie was good, stan lee had to rewrite the story a little to suite the movies cause it is not the same as the comic book or cartoons. I was hoping to see a little more mutants in action but GAMBIT was f****** chun i tell you it worth watching...well yeah for sure if you are a marvel or x-men fan like me....hahaha....there is a little love story twist in the movie also...dont worry i'm not goin to give it out...go watch the movie its worth your time.

So today...hmmm...same old same old...MPC MPC MPC....was a bit too much to take d so i decided to take time off studies at night and DOTA hahaha....tomorrow or should i say today...i'll be heading to Uni again to study and get myself away from distractions....(points to tv, computer and musical instruments) hahaha....other than that....thats about it la....the emo part of this post is that i feel overwhelmed right now cause studies wise there is just too much...ask any chemical engineer and they'll say the same perhaps for a few exceptions hahaha....;-)....from the aspect of life...everything is ok nothing out of the ordinary apart from ann being so far away...

Here is a little something that came rigth off the top off my head....(i put here so can access it easier no need to go hotmail...hahaha)

all the love i have is with you and none other....with your absence my love for you still thrives on our fond memories and the love you left me before flying off to a far away land. I yearn for your return yet i'm glad that you have partaketh on this extraordinary journey to experience another side of life first hand. Fear not as everyday i still wake up only wanting you to be mine, i'll only be a fool to let such beauty and soul slip by again. I love you, these 3 words, 3 meagre words are the only thing i can give you. Despite our distance, i hope you can feel my love, for my love has been radiating violently here in hopes that it'll reach you. Even if its just a tiny speck of love you may feel, sorrow i shall not feel for at least i know the pain i go through is worth it.


ps - the above paragraph is original material if anyone should desire to use the material pls PLS mail me or tell me about it first thank you...=)