Saturday, April 4, 2009

Night at the Hospital 2....=)

Greetings ppl, yes this is the sequal to the Night At The Hospital which was my first ever blogpost... n yes as the title suggest. I was in the hospital once more this time for 3 days and 2 nights. The last time i was admitted was due to lower abdominal pain n was discharged the following day cause the pain subsided. However this time, the pain came on tuesday night and did not subside the next day (April Fools day) so off to the hospital it was for me AGAIN...

I got up the next day with very minimal amount of sleep due to the stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen. My maid said i look pucat while i waited downstairs for my mom to come get me. I was admitted at about 11am and the doctor scheduled my surgery the very same afternoon. He said it was unwise to wait again since its a reaccurance. So before checkin in i had to go thru a few test first the same old same old. Urine test, blood test and this time they even did an ultra sound on me hahaha...damn cool right...but it hurt like FREAKIN hell k. The fella had to press the thing against my appendix (WHERE IT FREAKING HURT THE MOST) to see if its inflamed. Even with the ultra sound, no1 can determine for sure if its appendicitis but the radiologis said it looked pretty inflamed. So after being wheeled from 1 room to another i laid in bed waiting waiting for the time to come. For me to go under the knife and lose that 1 useless organ of the body and as useless as it is it can still cause a hell lot of pain. So at about 1pm the nurse came in the room with the surgical gown and asked me to put it on. Yes it was bare and yes my ass was exposed. The nurse specifically said : " you have to remove everything ah, even ur panties." =.= ... panties? wtf man i dont wear panties man i'm not some cross-dresser. I wear briefs or underpants...=.=...and trust me with the stabbing pain in my abdomen getting changed was hard. Before getting changed i had to be POKED, they inserted that needel thing again to feed me artificially as i would like to put it. The nurse first inserted the needle into my vain in me left hand. But the fluid got stuck n i could see my vain swell. I tell u it was shitty pain man.... and this is not some kind of bad april fool joke k...You would have freaked out if u seen my vain. So the needle was removed and disposed off and they tried again this time in my right 1 time pain not enough must do AGAIN.

So ok as i was sayin after gettin changed the bed was waiting for me right outside the toilet d. The nurses were pretty eager to get me cut up. So off i was to the Operating Theater. Wonder why they call it that, is there that much of a show when ppl get cut up...hmmm...i certainly guess so. Anyways it was into the elavator and down a floor before i was pushed into the some what waiting room of the OT. After 10, 15 mins the nurses told me alrite we're goin in boy. The OT looks damn cool hahaha though. I was moved onto the operating table and NO it was not made of metal thus my ASS was not freezing. The doctor who puts ppl to sleep (dont know how to spell his profession and lazy to find) was chinese so he spoke to me in cantonese sayin :" ok ah i'm goin to inject the anesthetic now ah." whilst placing the mask over my face. I was thinkin to myself, alrite this is it man. I looked into the mask took 2 deep breaths and the when i finally opened my eyes all i could see was bright lights. I felt very very disorientated and the stabbing pain was still there. I was thinkin to myself omg did i wake up half way thru the operation? and i think said Where am i, where am i. Cause i heard 1 of the nurses sayin the operation is over d BOY...i remember being very agitated and moving around a lot and also my nose was blocked and my throat stuff with mucous. The pain was really unbearable and so they administored pain killer. The first dose went in but nope didn't help, i still was very agitated. So they gave me a 2nd dose and thats when i begin to settle down. I was still very disoriented and i keep slipping in and out of conciousness. When i open my eyes again i could see my room door and my mom standing outside, i could hear her sayin something too but couldn't remember wat, hahaha then after that Ann was there oh boy was i feeling even more relieved. I tried to open my eyes and say hi but tak da ada strength. KOSONG, nil, SIFAR, POCHII, MEI YOU....NADA....all i could do was hold on to Ann's hand. After finally waking up a little, i was damn thirsty but couldn't drink water AT ALL. At about 8pm i finally was able to have my first cup of water and it felt weird, hahaha...seriously. Water never tasted so good before, doctor still did not allow me to eat or even drink milo, it was just clear fluids for me. Just when i thought my ordeal was over, the nurse came in and told me that i need to go pee now or else they'll have to insert a tube into my wee wee....=(....bugger when i heard that the urge of peeing came *snaps fingers* just like that...hahaha....So when i went to the toilet to pee, my gosh i felt weird also, but luckily i manage to pee. Shitting or pls dont get me started all i can say is even up till now shitting is a major task for me as the wound is on my stomach n just incase u ppl didn't notice u need ur stomach muscles to contract and push ur SHIT out. Well i cant do that, i cant use my stomach muscle. So that means no LAUGHING, COUGHIN, SNEEZING, SLEEPING ON MY SIDES (yes that means i sleep in 1 position only) even walking is difficult for me, sitting, bending over, blowing my nose all this trivial stuff is becoming a real TASK for me. Each time i wanna cough or sneeze i need to hold on to my wound to not let it bounce too much or else it'll hurt like hell. I cant sit straight for long and my daily routines has gotten more interesting.

On thursday i started eating and boy it felt good, FREAKIN good. I did not eat for 36 hours straight and was sustained only by drips. Each day was a real sturggle for me as i was gettin used to my current condition. All the limitation and pain, i just need to overcome them with mind power. Even as i write to every1 today, NOW, i'm hurting. Thank god me family and Ann and sandy came by to visit me as it is utmost uplifting to see your love ones. Apart from my physical pain, I was metally hurt too. Before the operation, i was running on full cylinders balancing love, studies and music. I have my annual dinner on saturday, talent quest finals on tuesday and my semester is coming to and end. Then this happened and it all came to and abrupt stop. My life was slown down from running on fifth gear all the way down to second gear without even goin thru the 3rd and 4th gear. It was hard as i knew there was so much coming up ahead and yet i'm in this condition. All i can do now is sit and wait, and pray for a speedy recovery.

I believe god threw this fast ball at me for a reason i just dont know wat. I will waste not time pondering over it, it will be a page in my book that i will fold and move on hoping that 1 day i would understand why. No1 is to be blamed and as 1 door closes on me i'm hoping another would open. I truly am greatful to my family Mom, Dad, Shaun, Daniel, Celine and Ann for being there for me, as for talent quest this coming tuesday fear not as The Last Minutes will not pull out of the comp as the show must go on. So until next time tata and remember HEALTH IS WEALTH.

ps ~ i was admitted in KPJ and the pictures and videos will be uploaded in due time...=) cheer ppl and take care