Thursday, September 25, 2008

TGI Friday's

Ok i am bak n this time its about Gan's farewell in TGI Friday's. Gan has already left for ireland as i'm writing this blog and last week on the 19th of Sept we got a few friends together and decided to take Gan out for makan. I'll break them down to parts.

Part 1 ( The Plan )
Before the 19th i asked Gan where he would wanna go eat, didn't wan to bring him to a western restaurant initially cause he'll be in ireland and its going to be meat n potatoes there already. Malaysian food well food court like a bit too ehhh hahaha...Japanese....well scared some ppl dont like. So we were really left with not much of a choice n decided to go western la and that also was another problem. Deciding on which restaurant to go to but we finally decided TGI Friday's.

Part 2 ( The Calling )
Part 1 done now for part 2. Telling the rest about it. I met good old nick online n told him about my plans and that was a very very interesting process to...hahaha....i shall spare nick the embarrassment....=) we manage to get the word out n transport were all planned for. Wong said it'll be better to go to the branch in Sunway because its nearer. The initial plan was to go to the one in Pavilion KL.

Part 3 ( The Gathering )
So came the 19th and the plan was to gather at my house at 7pm or earlier. Nick n john arrived first which was unexpected cos john had to work till about 6 and he wanted to get home n freshen up first. So the 2 from Sg Chua were here. Then as i was about to leave to get Sarah n Kellie, Gan came. When i got back home, Wong was already at my place n the moment we went into my house Low came n it onli took him 15 minutes to get from MMU cyberjaya to my place. So imagine how slow the brother was driving....=).... So that made a total of 8 of us and the nineth person Renuka will meet us there.

Part 4 ( The Wait )
By the time we reach Sunway Pyramid it was 7.30pm + + ( cant really remember the time ) and the restaurant was packed. The person at the front said we would have to wait for at least 1/2 n hour. But Mark why didn't you make reservations you might ask, well i tried n i couldn't cos its ramadhan season so cannot book fine Gan left his name n contact number there n we just went out way. We walked around aimlessly going to the cinema comtemplating whether or not to catch a late night movie. We were tempted to go into other restaurants or at least I was cause i was hungry...hahahaha...but ended up not doing so. We walked for dont know how long n even walked into Tony Roma's just to try our luck but also have to wait for 1/2 n hour minimum. So after 1/2 n hour we went bak to TGI Friday's and they told us 10 more minutes cause they were cleaning up. So ok after 10 minutes we were still waiting outside the restaurant for our table. That 10 minutes never came...sigh.... The table that can accomodate all of us were done eating they were there busy taking pictures n it really really pissed us of. Kellie went n spoke to the person again n this time he decided ok we'll place our orders first n gave us the menu, but we were still STANDING outside. Finally at about wat 9 they said we could go in n sit down at 2 seperate tables n order our food and once they are done cleaning the tables they'll move us to a place where all of us can sit together. Once again that never happen...sigh.... cause there was a misunderstanding n the stupid staff let another group of people take OUR tables. So the enrage Kellie got up n gave the person a piece of her mind followed by Gan then Me then eventually all of us got up hahaha...luckily they had another table that could accomodate all of us and we were moved almost instantly hahaha...The stupid part was our appetizers where there already so we made sure they got everything n make our service charge worth it.

Part 5 ( The Fellowship but not of the ring )
So after being moved we continue eating away at our appetizers n then not long the main courses arrived. Everyone ate till their bellys were filled n dessert was an uphill task...Nick was however the bandaraya he was the only 1 who manage to continue stuffing himself with food n drinks for dont know wat reasons. We actually came up with a few theories as to why Nick manage to push on n break human limits hahaha.....exaggeration.....So while letting the food settle we decided that it was time to take pictures =)

One of the desserts

the whole lot of us without john( M.I.A for while busy man on the phone)
notice nicks facial expression
that is cause he has CAKE in his mouth

the whole lot of us with John

Nick just couldn't stop eating even if its for taking pictures

Gan n Kellie

Gan n Low

Gan n Reiny a.k.a Renuka =)

sarah ,john and wong

Part 6 ( Lost )
So after getting the bill and the toilet breaks ( due to mass consumption of Free liquids ) we decided to call it a night, well at least for Sarah, John and Nick. Renuka had to go get her mom who was in Shah Alam n that was about 12 am ( dont ask me what her mom doing there i also dont know ). So Low and Kellie went with me and the rest with Wong. Finding my car is also another adventure la, we first went down to B1 and came out but it didn't look familiar ( cause we actually came down a different side ) so then we decided to try B2 and of course while walking in an almost empty parking lot what do you do... take pictures ...

( What we were thinking )
Mark: I wan to find my car
Kellie: I hope we dont get kidnapped.

Low: How can Kellie think we'll get kidnapped


So after going to B2 we ruled out the possibility of me parking there cause it didn't look familiar at all. So Low really had a hunch that it was at B1 so up to B1 we went....again....and we walked from 1 end to the other and me continuously pressing the alarm button in hopes of finding my car. We didn't really had to walk much until the alarm rang thus ending out search we finally manage to get to the correct wing...=) n kellie got fed up of walking n saw a trolley so she decided to hop in n I pushed.

No Kellie my car is the other way...confirm

Finally in the car

Well just as you thought our adventure was over it was not. Coming back we didn't really know which turning to take so decided to go on a rendezvous but eventually ended up in Kajang hahaha...and we met up with Wong n Gan for Mamak session in Rest 1. Gan's last mamak with us before leaving for Ireland. We sat there and chatted till about 3 am and Low had to go also cause his brother needed the mee goreng hahaha....and thus ends our outing with Ganesan.

mamaking at Rest 1

Part 7 ( The End )

So Gan by the time you read this you have already reached ireland safely and settled down a little. We'll be waiting for you n joe to come back so we can go PD again n dont forget to bring back the pounds yeah the ones in the pocket not the stomach ; - ) take care dude n remember the things i told you hahaha. Until next time see ya and thanks for reading.


Ok boys n girls the following tag is very very interesting if you have a blog just do it cos it is fun...=) so here goes. The rules are pretty simple-
  1. Turn on your Mp3 player whatever it is n put the songs to shuffle.
  2. For each question press next to get an answer.
  3. Be honest and just write that song name out.
  4. You can try n justify your answer by placing a bracket after the song.
  5. Tell the whole world about this tag on your blog...=)
So here goes nothing.....

1. If someone says,"is this okay?"
  • Cry In My Heart - Starfield ( dont know what to say hahaha... )
2. How would describe yourself?
  • For You I Will(Confidence) - Teddy Geiger ( well the other name for the song is confidence so yeah i would describe myself as confidence? or for my love ones i will...hahaha )
3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
  • Jenny - The Click Five ( oh wow i look for jenny in a girl? hahaha i should repharse the question la then hahaha )
4. How do you feel today?
  • What About Now - Daughtry ( hmmm well interesting song to shuffle to )
5. What is your life's purpose?
  • Home - Daughtry ( well i do put family n love before career so i guess home can mean that hahaha )
6. What is your motto?
  • Beat It - Fallout Boys ( If you can take the heat then just BEAT IT la its not my life motto k )
7. What do your friends think of you?
  • How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees ( hahaha i wonder if my friends really do think of me this way...i dont think i have doubtful friends la right hahaha )
8. What do you think of your parents?
  • In My Life - The Beatles ( Awesome well i think that in my entire life they have been there for me since day 1 till now so Pa, Ma i love you people man hahaha )
9. What do you think about very often?
  • Always Be My Baby - David Cook ( what the hell so sad but sometimes true... )
10. What is 2 + 2?
  • Summer Nights - Olivia Newton John and John Travolta ( Once again speechless hahaha )
11. What do you think of your best friend?
  • Here In My Home - Various Malaysian Artist ( Ehh well i technically dont have a best friend its more like best friendsssssss so yeah they do come over n hang out HERE IN MY HOME occasianally hahaha )
12. What do you think of the person you like?
  • Calendar Girl - Neil Sedaka ( Yes there is a song called calendar girl n ehh i think that she can be a very good calendar girl? hahaha )
13. What is your life?
  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Neil Sedaka ( oh wow what the hell la right...hahaha...i didn't cheat on this one k )
14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Piano Man - Billy Joel ( hmmm not bad the answer actually make sense hahaha but i'm already in the process of becoming a chemical engineer so part time piano man perhaps hahaha )
15. What do you think when you see the person you like?
  • Shake It - Metro Station ( hahaha what the hell...i'm not that perverted k i dont want the person i like to shake anything hahaha )
16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
  • I Saw Her Standing There - The Beatles ( Really really awesome song n also pretty suitable you should go check the lyrics out it actually fits perfectly )
17. What will they play at your funeral?
  • Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield ( ok well my life on earth has been written but life after that has not? )
18. What is your hobby/interest?
  • I Can't Smile Without You - Barry Manilow ( another what the hell la wei....hmmm )
19. What is your biggest fear?
  • LOVE - Nat King Cole ( well in a way it is a fear hahaha but then again its not my biggest fear i would rather take love as a gift n not turn it into a curse )
20. What is your biggest secret?
  • The Longest Time - Billy Joel ( ehh doesn't quite make sense hahaha )
21. What do you think of your friends?
  • Kenangan Terindah - Samson ( this is so spot on man spot on )
22. What will you post this as?
  • Twist and Shout - The Beatles ( AHHHHH super cool just the title i would want )
23. What song would you play during your first sex?
  • Over You - Daughtry ( oh wow so bad hahaha have to definately look at it differently hahaha )

So that will be all folks i have completed the tag and so if you are reading this and have not done the tag pls do cos its real fun until next time cheers ppl....=)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ok i know this post is a little late hahaha i haven had the time n inpsiration to blog k untill now so anyways.

It was the 17th of Sept last wednesday and we went to celebrate sherie's b'day in chili's Midvalley. We as in Fred, flora, reuben, ashley and yours truly. So i left at bout 4.45pm to get ash from her place went to tanming jaya to get me natural gas then headed to Sg Long to get flora. Initial plan was that we got into her car but the woman still haven remove her car from the porch so we just got into my car n left for MV.

Fred was meeting us there after work, Sherie n Reuben were already there cos reuben got her straight from college. On the way there was praying n hoping that MV wouldn't be jammed up n thankfully our prayers were answered haha it was bad the traffic and we didn't really have difficulty finding for parking. This was about 6.30pm and ashley stressed that we have to HAVE TO get there b4 7pm cos the Margrita's there would be 5 bucks cheaper or something like tat so like i said lucky manage to get there. The line outside Chili's was gettin pretty long d when we got there but manage to get a place for 6. We ordered our drinks n food. Ashley said that i have to try the Presidente Margrita n it was very very good. So for those of you who have the chance go to chili's n try that k its worth it hahaha...

Presidente Margrita n yes it comes with the blue bottle like thing

N the food we ordered well i cant remember d but it was equally as good as the Margrita. The food came pretty fast too n we started eating without Fred hahaha...we couldn't help it la k good food on the table with such a nice drink but we saved a lot for fred k hahaha n the food was very filling. The poor malay peeps around us however had to wait for buka puasa time so we nicely ate away la while they slowly wait hahaha...after dinner ash ordered something for Sherie it was a desert n the guy that brought it was suppose to put a candle on it n sing her a b'day song but he as blur as anything didn't do it so we were like watever la. But tat desert was pretty small n i really really wanted to try the Molten Chocolate Cake which phoebe said is damn good. So we call another waiter n told him to do the whole b'day thing for sherie lucky this one not so blur n so he brought it with 1 candle on the cake hahaha Sherie thought it was for some other people some more ==....N yes Phoebe the Molten Chocolate Cake was damn good wei hahaha....Also to reuben if you are reading this its MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE not MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CLAKE...hahaha...i know it was a slip of the tongue but it was damn funny.

Sherie after she blew the candle with the small straw(tak sempat take)

Molten Choc Cake

Molten Choc Cake 2

Sherie and Molten Choc Cake

So after Molten Choc Cake, we got the bill n headed to My Tie to get Fred's tie for this coming Sat's wedding. After that we didn't really know what to do was thinking of watching a movie but dont have a movie that every1 wanna watch n flora was afraid that she might fall asleep in the cinema. So we finally decided to go play pool and it was guys vs girls. We manage to play 2 rounds n both rounds also the girls beat us...yes they beat us but it was all cool hahaha. After pool it was the ARCADE wooohooo hahaha....initally wanted to play Daytona 6 of us race against each other but there were onli 4 available at 1 time so some played Daytona( FLORA i beat u muahahaha). Then we played Time crisis Me n Reuben manage to get till area 3 but failed half away hahaha then ashley wanted to play that drum thing but this lady was hoggin it n she kept playin the same song over n over again till finally she left but while waiting for her we came across this pretty interesting game. GUYS I FORGOT WAT THE GAME IS CALLED hahaha....dang....the game involved Giant Spiders killer fishes n is pretty interesting...anyways ash n fred played it n i have pictures n a video of them playing so do check them out....N after Fred n Ash were done with tat game they played the drum game ashley wanted to play but the lady was hoggin it so Fred n Ash drum game, Flora n Sherie on game i cant remember the name.

Reuben in action

Flora and Sherie

Our jinx ball, fred and reu cursing it bak (ball number 13)

At the arcade fred n ash playin tat game n
flora gettin excited at the bak

Fred n ash in action

and again them in action

Fred unleashing his inner child ashley in kill mode

Screen shot of the game

The video will be at the end. So after the arcade we decided to go mamak n we went to this mamak in bangsar called nirwana maju or something which is just across Bangsar Village 2. There we sat n yap till about 1am i think hahaha (pls correct me if i'm wrong yeah). So we did manage to wish sherie sharp at 12 n after mamak it was home for all of us if not fred was sayin stay there till morning n he'll go straight to work d so yeah we decided to call it a night. It was fun la goin to chili's n pool n arcade then mamak hahaha. Tats all for tonite i'll be bak to write about Gan's farewell n also my Uni's ice breaking nite which are 2 very very interesting n fun nights hahaha...until then thanks for reading n see ya...=)


Are You
  1. Perfect - Stupid question no1 is
  2. Tall - Ok la but would love to be a little taller say bout 6 feet...=)
  3. In Your Pajamas - No i dont wear pajamas


  1. Friend You Saw - Well its more of friends so it'll be Hiew Mun, Wei Wern, Clarence n Stephenie .
  2. Talked To On The Phone - Dad
  3. Person To Text You - Amanda Quah
  4. Is Today Better Than Yesterday? - Yes it is


  1. Number - Infinity
  2. Colour - Black and Red
  3. Food - Refer To Previous Post.
  4. Place - Home.

Questions And Answers
  • Q: What was the first thing you did this morning when you got up?
  • A: Got into the shower
  • Q: Do you have anything bothering you?
  • A: At the moment nothing in particular.
  • Q: What was the last movie you watched in the cinemas?
  • A: Wall-E
  • Q: Where was the last place you went?
  • A: The University Of Nottingham
  • Q: Do you smile a lot?
  • A: Ok la hahaha i think i smile more than frown
  • Q: Do you wish upon a star?
  • A: Nope i dont too many stars in the galaxy hahaha
  • Q: Are you a friendly person?
  • A: No idea ask the people around me?
  • Q: Where did you sleep last night?
  • A: On my bed.
  • Q: Why did you sleep there?
  • A: Cos my mother ask me is after all called my bed
  • Q: When was the last time you cried?
  • A: Bout 2 days ago...(dont ask me why)
  • Q: What do you hear right now?
  • A: My computer's fan
  • Q: Does anything hurt you right now?
  • A: Not really
  • Q: What's your favourite month?
  • A: December

  • Q: Are you missing someone right now?
  • A: Yeah
  • Q: Are you single?
  • A: Yes i m
  • Q: Are your parents still married?
  • A: Yes

  1. Real name - Mark Lim Eu Jin
  2. Age - 19
  3. Eye Colour - Not sure but its normal malaysian eye colour hahaha
  4. Zodiac Sign - Virgo
  5. Gender - Male
  6. Single - Yes do u have to rub it in....==...hahaha
  7. Crushing - No
  8. Smart - Smart enough to survive
  9. Hair Colour - Black
  10. Sweats or Jeans - Jeans
  11. Phone or Camera - Camera Phone...=)
  12. Health Freak - No just wanna stay healthy
  13. Righty or Lefty - Right

  1. First Best Friend - Cant remember seriously
  2. First Award - Some yamaha award la
  3. First Enemy - HOMEWORK
  4. First Vacation - Singapore when i was 3 n stepped on a dead bee with its butt pointing up

  1. Eating? - No
  2. Drinking? - No
  3. Listening to - What About Now
  4. Plans for Tomorrow - Nothing wanna be surprised...=)

Which Is Better With The Opposite Gender
  1. Lips or Eyes - Eyes definately
  2. Shorter or Taller - Shorter
  3. Romantic or Spontaneous -Romantically Spontaneous...=)
  4. Sensitive or Loud - Sensitively Loud...=)
  5. Hook up or In a Relationship - In a relationship

Have You Ever
  1. Lost glasses/contacts - No
  2. Ran away from home - NO
  3. Broken someone's heart - Yeah...sigh

Answer Truthfully
  1. Do you like someone? I like everyone tats close to me...specifically some1 as in some1 special not yet la
  2. Are you seriously happy with your life?YEAH

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Everything Under The Sun 2

Vokay ppl i am back cos i got tag again now i wouldn't be complaining this time cos i think this tag is easier to do here goes.....

-----My Top Ten Favorite Food-----
  1. Penang Kuey Teow.
  2. them love them love them...hahaha
  3. Baskin Robins of course.
  4. Chocolates (in general all kinds except dark chocolate)
  5. Grilled Oysters with some garlic sauce over it...ooooo
  6. Grilled Duck from Sg Chua market..the one opposite the chee cheong fan stall...=)
  7. Dim sum in balakong...tats good...
  8. Broga grilled fish n pan mee n ais kacang n cendol...i know its 4 things d but hey its all from Broga so comes under 1 item.
  9. The occasional Starbucks.
  10. Secret Recipe cakes are generally all good ...

-----Ten Things I Love Doing-----
  1. Playin drum and guitar....occasionally the piano(depends on wat song).
  2. As for sports, i'm currently hook onto volleyball thanks to Daniel Lim.
  3. I love to sleep and dream but dont worry i have not made dreams my master.
  4. Eating...oooo...i cant leave this one out.
  5. I love listening to music.
  6. Travelling.
  7. Roller Coasters
  8. Hanging out with my group of frens - church, uni, old skool mates all la...hahaha
  9. Talking has been my second passion i cannot shut up.
  10. Listening to others is fun too...=)...seriously.

-----Five Types Of Girls That I Adore-----
  1. A sports person yet still feminine.
  2. A girl who has her own principles in regard to life.
  3. A girl with an awesome smile.
  4. Musicians and Singers
  5. Just a simple everyday girl would do just fine...=)
-----Five Things I love Doing When I'm Emo-----
  1. Sleep
  2. Listen to songs
  3. Play the songs i just heard
  4. Sing till i feel satisfied.
  5. Eat
-----Five Things I Love Doing When I'm Happy-----
  1. I love doing music too hahaha happy or sad thru good times n bad MUSIC has always been there for me...hahaha
  2. Share my happiness with those around me. Spread The Love Man =)
  3. Eat hahaha eating goes well with EVERYTHING.
  4. And if i'm really really happy i would probably bake with my sis haha...its fun k making stuff out of nothing.
  5. AND if i'm really really really REALLY happy a prank call or 2 wouldn't hurt hahaha...
-----Ten Ways To Win My Heart-----
  1. FOOD...hahaha...if a girl prepares a meal for me with a willing heart regardless of what it is or how it taste as long as she did it with heart I would surely appreciate every bit of effort.
  2. Just be yourself if that is who you are be proud of it cos i would wanna fall for who you really are rather than some1 you are trying to be.
  3. Accepts me for who I am.
  4. The eyes. I m very much attracted to a persons eyes cos that is the most beautiful part of a human body.
  5. Personality wins me over too hahaha looks are just the bonus.
  6. A girl who is willing to be there for me.
  7. Who loves music perhaps not as much as i do but still has a thing for music.
  8. A girl who is also able to just be comfortable being around me hahaha
  9. I cant think of any already cos there is no more to write about so for 9 and 10 it would just be nothing specific.=)
-----My Top Five Favorite Junk Food-----
  1. Twisties all the flavours hahaha
  2. Pringles are good too also any flavour.
  3. Kit Kat
  4. Nachos
  5. French Fries...they are junk food
-----Five Things I Wish Could Happen-----
  1. That I can find the answers i seek.
  2. To make it big for a while in the music scene hahaha
  3. Have my own theme park with roller coasters beating Six Flag Magic Mountain.
  4. That Malaysia would be a more just place to live in.
  5. That everyone can spread more love than hate(including myself)...n this is for real....
-----Ten Ridiculous Things I Wish To Do Before I Die-----
  1. Bunjee Jump
  2. Travel To Pluto
  3. Find Another Galaxy
  4. Be a rockstar
  5. Fly the airbus A380 or anything that is goin to get bigger than that.
  6. Have a building build in the form of me hahaha...i repeat BUILDING not monumen
  7. Bitch slap all the terrorist and stupid idiots that hates every1 else then bring them to the theme park i own.
  8. Find out if Atlantis really do exist.
  9. Buy over BR n give out free ice cream during my b'day.
  10. Own a house full of drumsets.
-----Top Ten Songs I'm currently Hook Onto-----
  1. Everything by Lifehouse ( watch the skits that uses this song )
  2. Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade
  3. Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
  4. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
  5. Viva La Vida by Coldplay
  6. What About Now by Daughtry
  7. Twist and Shout by The Beatles...YES the beatles
  8. I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles
  9. Tongue Tied by Faber Drive
  10. Kenangan Terindah by Samson

Well ok so that is all, i have answered all the questions n yeah once again i can't tag any1 cos everyone has been tagged. So thanks for reading once again until then see ya...=)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

15 weird things/habits/little known things about Me =0

Ok well i got tagged by Manda n apparently this is some bloggin trend but before anything i hate to burst any1's bubble i don't have 10 ppl to tag so TOO BAD...=). So here goes.

  1. I like to sing and play my guitar every night before i go to bed. (even if its 3am in the morning)
  2. I spend 6 years in Yu Hua primary school and yes i can read, write n speak mandarin.(but very rusty).
  3. A lot of people say i don't look Chinese n i get weird stares when i start speaking Mandarin. So just to clear things up I M CHINESE just that my mom has a little baba nyona blood in her.(go google baba nyona if u dont know what that is i'm not goin to give history lesson here).
  4. I love roller coasters n i mean LOVE them. I get high when i see one n will be like a little boy in a candy store.=)
  5. I sleep A LOT n apparently Manda calls it weird i don't know most of the ppl i know sleep a lot too u be the judge hahaha.
  6. I have a super digestive system. I can eat n eat within intervals of 2 hours or less depending on what food i have available.
  7. I also have to admit that i like to cook n bake...haha laugh...==.
  8. I also sometimes watch oprah..ehh ehh its nice k...hahaha
  9. I really admire guys who can sing n i mean really sing la k like il divo.
  10. I joined the church choir to play drums but ended up singin n my first time singing was in Mandarin Oriental...==...thanks to Fred, Reu and Ann. But i'm glad they pulled me into it hahaha
  11. I have NATURAL wavy hair. People actually ask if i perm my hair...== n i dont intend to straighthen it =)
  12. I have not bought a new pair of sport shoes for at least 2 years now n i feel damn lazy to go get 1 eventhough my basketball shoe got crocodile mouth =0 (i onli have 2 shoes btw hahaha).
  13. I have been to many other monumental places overseas but i have not been to Petrosains, KL tower or the Twin Tower.(just to name a few)
  14. When i'm too free i watch a lot a lot a lot of videos on YouTube or disturb my sister if she is around.
  15. I am very much satisfies and contented with my life and would not wan to change anything in the past.
So there you go 15 things about me hahaha....feel free to comment about it or if you wanna post something similar go ahead no need to tag =) until next time thanks for readin n take care.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Everything Under The Sun

Well okays i'm back trying to get something else out tonite, however it wont be tat easy cos:
  1. I have been on Summer break since the 22nd of May n now its the 10th of Sept well that is approx 4 months and i wont be starting class till the 22nd of Sept. Fun you say...weeeelllllll not really when u have nothing much to do....Freedom?yeah i know but everyone else is pretty busy with their lives. For example - Working, SPM trials, got college classes to attend. So tat leaves me with the people from notts but unfortunately the notts are all over Malaysia. Wanna meet in KL not so easy la. Get a job....welll i had 1 or 2 jobs but didn't really last long hahaha...when you are on summer break your body will automatically go into slumber mode(trust me on this one)

  2. So staying at home for most of the time, nothing that INTERESTING can happen unless a meteor crashed outside my house or i find out my neighbor is a lunatic who eats cats n dogs or....u get the point. I'm not complaining tat my life is like a routine or tat nothing interesting is happening. Even with me planting my arse at home it has been a hell of a roller coaster for me.
Anyways for those of you who have never really been on summer breaks I would give u an inside of how my routine has been for most of the time...=)
  • wake up at 10am looks at the clock realizes its too damn early and goes bak to bed
  • wakes up again at 12pm looks at the clock, CONTEMPLATES on whether or not to wake up.
  • by the time mom and bros get bak its already 1.30pm(earliest), will be called by mom to wake up and makan lunch.
  • after lunch would be about 2 to 2.30pm starts thinking as to how to spend the afternoon.
  • thanks to the genius who invented the PC and the geek who created Warcraft I have something to do durin the afternoon. So whoever u are may god bless ur soul....
  • plays till about 5 to 6pm and then hopes that father's workers would come by so that can play volleyball. If u have not tried playin the game give it a go, if u hate it...try loving it again...if the above 2 choices does not work come see me...=)
  • dinner would be at 7-7.30pm then it'll be the TV or bak to warcraft(but normally the TV)
  • then bak to the PC again from 10pm till i cant take it no more.
  • now the extras and miscellaneous things would be the occasional maggie mee with egg must have egg(for supper even thou it is 3am)...n of course during the course of the whole day texxt messaging.
So that would be a rough timetable as to how i spend most of my days during the summer break...weekends are exceptional thou...oh n friday nights its towards the end of the summer break but during the middle or starting almost every friday it would be movie night or sometimes karaoke. But now the only movie i'm looking forward to is Mamma Mia.

Yes Mamma Mia! If would have read the small tiny description about me , music is my passion n Abba is a band that is worth listening to. Dont get me wrong my genre of music is not exactly lovey dovey emo songs. I listen to blink 182, COB, GNR stuff like that too but u have to gives these ppl credit too. Their vocals are awesome. Bands like The Beatles, Abba, Bee Gees, just to name a few and hey you have to admit their love songs make soooooo much more sense then the modern day wans. Most of them talk about making love or kissing girls(wouldn't consider tat one a love song buy hey watever) and yet we wonder why so many kids are making a mess in the backseat nowadays. Since we are already in this topic, just to point something out - the song tale as old as time from the animated movie Beauty and the Beast has a line in the lyrics that really struck me. It goes something like this "Barely even friends then somebody bends unexpectedly". I'm not goin to comment further on this you be the judge. Things get even worst if you associate that line to this "Both a little scared neither one prepared". Its like sex ed in a song on cartoon...hahaha...anyways.....



The last movie that I watched would be You Don't Mess With The Zohan. Starring Adam Sandler n Rob Schneider(however u spell tat mans name).

I like Adam and Rob, i mean they are funny, stupidly funny and they dont really do stuff like Scary Movie stupid. If you are a fan of Adam n Rob i'm sure you wouldn't have missed this. If you(like me a little late) and haven watched the movie be prepared to laugh. Their jokes are mostly sick and stupidly funny for story line weeellllll nothing much to shout about. HOWEVER, i do like the way they potray the rivalry between the 2 middle eastern countries and how in the end solve it. Conclusion is worth watching this movie.


As for songs, i'm currently hook on to :

  1. Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat - Lucky. Thanks to Andrea who introduced and recommended this song to me.(if u are reading this, i have learned the song hahaha)
  2. Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You. Flora send me this song 1 lovely night cos it kept playing on her msn pm n so i asked for it. Its a nice song that i can really relate to.=)
  3. Colby O'donis - What You Got. Listen to the acoustic version that one is the bomb. I'm not much of a R n B rap kinda person but the acoustic version of this song is worth listening to.
  4. Coldply - Viva La Vida. I don't know bout you ppl but this song is niceeee hahaha its worth listenin to.
  5. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah. This song was originally written by Leonard Cohen but his version was not THAT appealing. Good old jeff change the music n made the song his n it is simply awesome. The versions goin around nowadays were derived from his. Although you cant really relate to the lyrics the music can really soothe the soul. ps- Jeff Buckley passed away at a very young age.

So feel free to comment about anything, these are just my personal opinion or if you have any other suggestions of good movies or songs dont hesitate to post them here.=)


I can't really think of what else to write so that would be it from me for now. Thanks for reading once again and i need to go find food to eat. until then ciao...

ps-sorry no videos to put here this time but pls do go to YouTube and check out " The Ball Chant" and check out my other videos there too if you have loads of time like me =). Cheers

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Night at the Hospital...=)

Well on the 5th of september which was like 4 days ago, i woke up with this pain in my lower right abdomen and got pretty scared cos i couldn't stand up right. So called mom up n then drove to the nearest clinic. The doctor said i might have appendicitis n the diagnosis was not pleasant at all he had to poke my lower right abdomen (where it freakin hurt most) n ask if it hurts. He wrote a letter and ask me to go to a hospital where they'll do more test to confirm my condition.

Got back home called my mom and told her bout wat the doctor said n she came from skool to pick me up at about 9.30am. Got to the hospital pain was still there had to wait for number some more cos my case classified as not so serious or life threatening therefore can wait...when it was finally my turn the doctor ask me to pee into this cup for urine sample n poke this needle thingy into my handto draw blood. The best part was i thought he would just pull it right back out but ooooohhhh was I in for a surprise, he started taking plaster out n plastered it to the back of my left hand. I can tell u it hurt like hell...well initially it was pain then u start to feel very uncomfortable n each time i move my hand i can feel the needle touchin my vein which causes a lot of discomfort n i mean A LOT of discomfort.

The thing in my hand

Well the picture was taken while i was waiting for the test result to come out n tat will take a minimum of 1 my mind i was thinkin after the test result they would take out tat THING from my hand but it was never remove for my entire stay at the mom n I were waiting for my number to be called out again n so i began my agonizing wait for the result n just after a while i turn to my mom n said:"is it an hour yet cos this thing hurts." She just looked at me n said:"it has only been 5 minutes." Then at about 11 they called me in again n this time a she doctor attended to me asked me the same questions again, POKED me again n then said tat i would have to be admitted for monitoring just incase things got any worst. So there i was sitting in the chair waiting for my mom to fill in the registration form n yada yada yada. I wasn't tat afraid cos appendicitis was not tat big of a deal, plus the worst case scenario is tat i go bak with 1 organ less.

All of this needle thingy in my hand n being admitted into the hospital was all new to me so i didn't know wat to aspect but 1 thing i knew for sure was that it wouldn't be anything fancy cos how much can u aspect from a government hospital right...hahaha...Well i didn't really waited long before the nurse called my name n she pointed to a wheel chair n i was like " Kak tak pe la saya boleh jalan", she said "Eh ehh tak boleh nanti kamu pengsan macam mana? Saya tak boleh angkat kamu ohh." So i had to comply n sat my arse in the wheel chair n was wheeled to the ward. My mom had to leave cos it was a friday n school was still on n she had to get my bros. While she was gone, a nurse came by n told me i'm goin to need drips cos i was not suppose to eat or drink anything. N thus she remove the white cap on the tube (pls refer to picture above) which was attached to my hand via long needle and connected the drip tube to the thingy. When the fluid first went into my vein I could feel this cooling sensation in my vein which was pretty cool hahaha...By the time my mom came bak she brought shaun n daniel along n they brought books for me to read or else i would just probably have to watch paint peel.

I was still gettin used to the fact that i had tat thing in my vein
n now something else was attached to it

Shaun and Daniel were pretty alrite they were smiling n laughin away there when their brother was lying in bed ==....but they couldn't stay long cos they had tuition n so off they went wit my mom n i was left there all alone. The doctor there came around to check on me n yeah once again got poke cos there is really no other way to diagnose appendicitis.

shaun took the pic b4 they left

mom doesn't look too worried now does she..hahaha

Well i was left alone till bout 3.30pm when Andrea n Mike came to visit n boy was it good to see them. Just before they came the doctor checked on me again n said it was pretty unlikely tat i had appendicitis which was great news to me and she said i could eat n drink now but still have to be on drips(dont know y). Mike had to wait outside cos it wasn't visitin hours yet so onli Andrea could come in. Daniel had tuition at 4 n he dropped by to give me my chicken rice(it beats hospital food) wasn't easy having to do things with just 1 hand as i could barely move my left hand thank god ann was there to help. Eventually Mike got in and they were great company n at about 6 plus Dom came by too n it was really nice of them to come by n visit. Before they came n visit ppl like fred, ashley, manda, phoebe kept me company thru SMS hahaha...Dom couldn't stay long n had to leave just b4 7 n ann n mike stayed on a little while longer b4 leaving.

thanks for visitin...=)

I finally decided to get some rest after they left which was about 7 and i slept till 8 cos mom n celine
came by this time bringin me McDonalds for dinner hahaha....the hospital served sardin for dinner n it was like 1 big chunk of it. It was good to see them but they left at bout 8 something after helping me with my burger...hahaha...1 think i learned is tat i never ever take my left hand for granted eventhou i'm right handed. Goin to the toilet wasn't pleasant too hahaha...i'll spare you the details...hahaha Now about the hospital and the ward i was in, i knew it wasn't goin to be fancy i mean wat can u aspect from Hospital Kajang la right. In fact i was pretty optimistic bout it i mean the place didn't look taaaaatttt bad. But BUT, my optimism was brutally murdered after lying down n gettin the aroma of the STINKING pillow. I just couldn't tahan the smell hahaha and called my mom immediately n told her to bring MY pillow. And to add petrol to a burning flame the fan near my bed was out of service oh how convenient...of all the many fans it had to be the my bed was under....==......the other patients there weren't very encouragin...they all look as thou they would go anytime...sigh...luckily i had to onli stay there for 1 night n even tat was one heck of an experience. The heat didn't really bother me till later that night thou... Things werent all that bad bout 9 fred came straight from work to visit n yes visiting hours were over by then hahaha but he had his dad also came by around that time and they stay on till bout 10. After they left i was once again left alone, so what do u do when u are all alone in a ward and have nothing else to do but read...u take pictures of urself of course hahaha...there is this one pic that u guys must see...

hey look tats Mark's vein sticking out just after the plaster...WRONG...
its the needle i've been tellin u guys about

I tried to sleep n hopefully wake up in the morning but i just thank god for technology my frens manage to keep me company even thou they are not around...=)....i even made a video call to celine n as usual shaun n daniel enjoyin themselves playin while i spend my friday night in the hot mosquito infested about 1am i finally manage to get some shut eye but was rudely awaken at 3 am by the heat n mosquito bites. Couldn't sleep till bout 3.45am and was again awaken this time at 5.45am by the doctor to draw blood...more least he didn't have to leave this one in me...hahaha....oh n by then i was of the drips already best part was how the nurse took out the tube...she asked me to press hard on my vein at the end of the needle so taht she could remove the drip tube and place the white cap bak and so i pressed hard but it was FREAKIN painful. I was pressing it as hard as i could but blood manage to squirt out from the uncapped tube was very very interesting.

Morning came not long after tat, which was a real relief for me. I barely slept the whole night n was really really really lookin forward to go bak home. The doctor checked on me again n said i was fit enough to go home n the pain also subsided. However they could not diagnose the problem and classified me as unspecific abdominal pain. The paper work was prepared n mom got me at about 10.30am n boy was i glad to get out of that place...bak home i had the shower of my life followed by one hell of a rest hahaha...

It was not tat bad i mean thru this experience i really really learned how to appreciate my frens n family EVEN more. Eventhough some of them could not come n visit they still kept in touch n i would really wan to thank all of u for being there for me i dont know wat would have happen if not for u guys and of course my familia....i shall leave u all with 2 more pics n a video of how the good old nurse removed my untill next time thanks for readin...=)....hahaha

bed number 27

yup that was the bed i slept in...

N now the video........viewer discretion is advised...hahaha

ps-she had the courtesy to ask if its nice of her...hahaha